Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Top Ten Zelda Songs

There is so much great video game music out there. I have playlists for many different game soundtracks, and I appreciate the variety of music that different games have to offer. However, I feel that no game music out there can top the genius work of Koji Kondo when he composed the music to the Zelda games (and the other composers who contributed to making the music of Zelda).

The music is so widely appreciated that the 25th Anniversary Symphony of the Goddess Tour which took place last year (2012) has extended tour dates into 2013 (I am praying they will announce a stop in New York). Because of this excellent news, I have been on an extreme "Zelda Music kick". I have gone through dozens of "Best Zelda Music" lists created by fans, and I thought it was only necesary to create my own list.

In some ways, some may call my list "unconventional" compared to other "Top Zelda Music" lists. This is because my list does not include some of the more popular songs included on everyone's lists such as the main Zelda title theme and major boss battle songs. Yes, the Zelda title theme is a classic that I adore. But for myself, I am all about "catchy" tunes, and I feel that the majority of my list includes the more "catchy" Zelda tunes along with other classic favorites. Please enjoy my list of favorite Zelda songs, along with a few comments about each song.

10. Eldin Volcano - Skyward Sword

If I can recall, I remember Eldin Volcano being one of the more frustrating parts of Skyward Sword. However, the catchy music made it much more enjoyable. The strings mixed with the brass instruments in this song ROCKS, making it one of my favorite upbeat songs in Skyward Sword.

9. Deku Palace - Majora's Mask
This is yet another song where I appreciate the "catchiness" of the tune in order to get past the frustrating part of the game. Sneaking past all of the Deku guards in the Deku palace was annoying, but the great music made it better.

8. Nayru's Song - Oracle of Ages

I am including both the original and the ZREO (Zelda Reorchestrated) version in order to compare. I do love the original, but I feel that ZREO fleshed the song out into a beautiful composition from it's original "bit" sound. I feel this song is highly underrated -- it is a beautiful tune that you only hear when Link encounter's Nayru in Oracle of Ages.

7. Phantom Ganon - Wind Waker
I would have to say that this song is my favorite "boss battle" song in Zelda. The song just sounds really cool, and it was certainly a memorable Zelda fight. 

6. Spirit Temple - Ocarina of Time
I love the "exotic" feel of this song, which is perfect for the setting: the desert colossus. Nabooru is my favorite sage, and this song always reminds me of her, and that very first meeting as young Link. Oh, such fond memories.

5. Dark Hyrule Castle - Minish Cap
This is a recurring song among Zelda games, but my favorite version is Minish Cap. I feel that it brings a more "eerie" feel to Dark Hyrule Castle, and is overall one of the better "dark" songs of the game.

4. Hyrule Field - Twilight Princess
Out of all of the Hyrule Field/Overworld themes in Zelda, I love this one the most. It is extremely lively and I am just a sucker for a fully orchestrated version of this song. Twilight Princess had an excellent soundtrack, but this song remains my favorite.

3. Temple, Palace Theme - Zelda II
Many may know this song from it's remastered version on Super Smash Bros. Melee, however, I remember it from Zelda II. This was the hardest Zelda game I have ever played, but it is still a great one with incredible music.

2. Gerudo Valley - Ocarina of Time
This is my favorite song from my favorite Zelda game. Ever since the first time I stepped into Gerudo Valley in 1998, this song captured me. I could listen to this song for hours and still love it to death. The Gerudo Valley song is considered by many as one of the best Zelda songs out there, and I would have to agree.

1. Song of Healing - Majora's Mask
Putting all of these "catchy" tunes aside, this Zelda song, in my opinion, is the most beautiful song. There are not many notes played, it sounds rather simple, but is also sounds tragic and beautiful at the same time. Essentially, this song brings out all of the Zelda-related feels for me, making it my favorite Zelda song of all time. There are other versions of this song out there that sound incredible, and I encourage all who enjoy this song to check them out.

That concludes my top ten list of the best songs in Zelda. I love so many incredible games, but nothing (and I mean nothing) will ever fill the spot for "best video game series of all-time" in my heart other than Zelda. The music in these games played a large role on the impact they had for me loving the series as much as I do.

As I previously stated, I have a huge appreciation for video game music, so please share with me some of your favorite Zelda songs, or your general favorite video game music pieces.


The Pursuit said...

I agree so much with the Song of Healing. Though I am very partial to Clock Town as well as Saria's Song and the Minuet of Forest.

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