Monday, September 10, 2012

PAX Prime And My Future Aspirations

PAX Prime 2012 was the weekend of August 31-September 2. I apologize for constantly being least one week late when it comes to talking about events I attend. This is mostly because after events, I have much "catching up" to do with the rest of my life. In this case, I had a great deal of schoolwork to make up after attending PAX Prime.

My first trip to Seattle for PAX Prime was a success. I had an incredible time working with Ubisoft and the Frag Dolls. Ubisoft had an immense presence at this convention with many games being showcased. Not only did I have a great time, but I feel that PAX Prime was an incredible learning experience for me.


I worked with two games at PAX: Rayman Legends and ShootMania Storm

Rayman Legends was a fun and interactive demo for the Wii U. The game was so great that it recieved two awards at PAX Prime this year. The game, which was first showcased at E3 in June, has a co-op game mode where one player uses the controller while the other player uses the Wii U Touch Pad to interact with the environment. The players work together to make it to the end of the stage. The music in Rayman is also acclaimed, and many who demoed the game were unbelievably impressed. This platformer game has completely sold me -- I fell in love with Rayman.

ShootMania is a new, competitve eSports title that Ubisoft is part of. This game is a simplistic FPS for the PC. At the moment, it is only in beta -- but it was on sale for pre-order at PAX. The ShootMania area at PAX included professional players and shoutcasters who displayed the competitve aspect of the game. I have been a hardcore eSports supporter for many years now; I follow games such as Starcraft 2 and LoL. Seeing the competitve nature of ShootMania has inspired me to get back into the eSports scene. One aspiration of mine was to become a shoutcaster for any eSports title (Starcraft is where my heart truly is). I have become re-inspired to pursue that dream. Also, I am currently taking an announcing class at school, which has been teaching me about the many aspects of broadcast and sports announcing. I believe this class will help me develop skills necessary for a shoutcaster in eSports. When others question me about how I could apply what I learn in school to the things I learn with the Frag Dolls, I believe this is a perfect example.

These events have become a learning experience for me. I have noticed that I can apply the techniques and skills I am learning in college to my experiences with Ubisoft and the Frag Dolls.


I will admit that PAX Prime was much more hectic than any of the other events I have been to. That is mostly because there were over 20 of us Cadettes, Frag Dolls, and Frag Doll Finalists working at this event. Because of that, it felt to me like this event was even crazier than San Diego Comic-Con; even though PAX is a significantly smaller event.

Despite the craziness, I was able to meet many new faces and grow closer with great friends. That is another thing I love taking away from the events that I attend. The memories I create with friends are lifelong.


 In addition to working with Ubisoft, I also enjoyed demoing several soon to be released games.

Firstly, Dishonored looks like it is going to be an incredible game. Originally, I did not know much about Dishonored. I watched one trailer, but I was hesitant about if I truly wanted to play through the game or not. The demo I played at Bethesda's booth sold me over to the game, which is being released in the near future. The Dishonored demo was a challenge, and I look forward to using unique abilities to stealthily maneuver my way through the game. 

Secondly, I believe that I demoed more PS3 games than I did Xbox 360. This is strange for me, being that I have always loved my Xbox and care little for PS3. I am not one to admit this so boldly, but it looks to me like the PS3 is getting many more exciting and interesting games than Xbox. I was able to play PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (Team PaRappa!), God of War: Ascension, and The Last of Us. All three were incredible games -- so much that I have become convinced to purchase a PS3 even before I build my new PC (which was next on my "Gamer to-do List").

Lastly, I demoed one of my personal most anticipated games: Rise of the Triad. This is a game that is very close to my heart and deserves its own blog post (stay tuned because that will be coming in the near future). At first, I did not know if ROTT was going to be playable at PAX. There was a party on Friday night that had a playable demo, but I was unable to attend the party because I was working at the Frag Dolls' party. However, I checked Twitter to discover that the ROTT demo was going to be at the Gunnar Optiks booth. I was completely ecstatic. My first break on Saturday involved me running over to the Gunnar booth to play the demo. Immediately I turned into a screaming 7 year-old girl (which just so happens to be the age I started playing ROTT, so I feel it was rather appropriate). It was only a brief multiplayer demo, but nonetheless it was awesome and nostalgic. I got to use the Excalibat. At that moment, all was right with the world.


Seattle is a beautiful city.

Being a first time visitor, I must admit that I fell in love with Seattle. This came to no surprise to me because I adore the west coast and I adore big cities. Because I was in this city for the first time on my own, I felt something special that I cannot quite put into words. I also turned into a super tourist (being from New York City, I usually make fun of tourists. But this time I actually turned into one). I visited the top of the Space Needle, but I did not do all of the tourist attractions that I had planned. I will definitely be returning to Seattle for many future visits. 


It is quite possible that PAX Prime was my last event with Ubisoft as a 2012 Frag Doll Cadette. Though I cannot confirm that statement being that I do not know if the Frag Dolls will need me for any future events in the upcoming months, I definitely used PAX as a reflection toward everything I experienced this past year. I cannot say for sure if I want to pursue a career in the video game industry. I have many passions in my life and gaming is just one of them. Next year will be my last full year of being an undergrad in college. With all of that being said, I have been thinking more and more about where I want to go with my life.

Being young is a great thing, but I know that these next few years in my life will involve major transitions. I have many friends who are only a few years older than me and are already settled into a great career. When I look at them, I realize that in just a few years I will be in their place talking about my own job, whatever that may be. I am not frightened by this realization, but I have learned to take each day for what it is. I count my blessings. I thank my God for giving me the opportunity to pursue great dreams. I look forward to the future. The opportunities I get to attend events are not simply for my enjoyment as a gamer, but a learning experience. I cannot say it enough -- I have learned so much.



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