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Well, E3 2012 Was Not All That Great.

Today was the last day of E3, and before the hype completely subsides, I would like to talk about my feelings. My initial thoughts about this year's press conferences are not very different from most people. I feel this year was one of the more disappointing years. This is not because there was a lack of good games to look forward to -- I definitely have a long list of games that I saw at this year's E3 that I will be getting. However, the presentation of just about everything at this year's E3 was rather disappointing. E3 is like Christmas, Superbowl, and every other exciting day put together for gamers. We certainly do expect a lot from these companies, and we do not like to be let down. Out of the five companies that presented, I feel that Ubisoft stole the show, but there were even things about Ubisoft's press conference that had me shaking my head in disappoint.

What I feel was missing the most out of this year's E3 was the element of surprise.
Millions of gamers watch these press conferences in anticipation that the companies will blow us away with something we never would have expected. It is hard nowadays to surprise gamers because things are constantly being leaked on the internet (if I am not mistaken, the new Splinter Cell was supposed to be a surprise, but it was leaked earlier before Microsoft's press conference).

Ubisoft was the only company that really took us for a surprise with their premiere of Watch Dogs. As I was watching -- I was not even sure what I was watching -- but I knew it looked awesome. It was something new and different; a refreshing change from the sequels, prequels, reboots and third installments to games that we have been constantly seeing (not that any of those are bad things, but it is good to finally see an intriguing brand new game).

The "big three" (Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo) failed to bring out any excitement in me. Like I previously said, I was either a) expecting what they were showing or b) the presentation did not convince me enough that what they were showing was worth being excited for (i.e. - Microsoft's "smart glass"). I will admit, though, that Sony is usually a snooze-fest for me, especially since I do not have a PS3 and/or Vita. But this year was the first year that Sony actually had me interested in purchasing a Vita because of All-Star Battle Royale and God of War: Ascension. Still, there were other parts of Sony's press conference that had me quite bored.

E3 2012 was not a total bust for me. Overall, I discovered some great games that I look forward to playing in the near future. The main problem was they were not presented well. I would like to end this post with a few of my own personal "top 5" lists from this year's E3, both good and bad.


Top 4 things I was looking forward to at E3, but ended up being a disappointment.

4) Resident Evil 6
This was a game that I have been excited about ever since I saw this trailer (Leon AND Chris? Yum, it is a fangirl's dream), but the presentation of it at E3 did not impress me. I mean, the gameplay looked cool, but Microsoft's press conference made it look rather uninteresting. The footage they showed during the press conference made it look like Leon was having an awful day; zombies were in his face every few seconds, his helicopter crashed through a building, and so on. The first game trailer and everything I have read about the game still make me want it, but the press conference made it look far from impressive.

3) Gears of War: Judgment
As a huge fan of Gears, I will definitely be buying this game. However, a 20 second "teaser" of the game and no gameplay footage was not what I was expecting at Microsoft's press conference. They spent a great deal of time showing off a Nike fitness game, but only a brief  moment on this much-anticipated Gears of War game. I know many will agree that this was a very disappointing move on Microsoft and Epic's part. IGN, G4, Spike, and other sites have further discussed the game, but the press conference was meant to be an introduction to the game's awesomeness. Unfortunately, it failed to do so.

2) Dead Space 3
The first Dead Space was a horror game, to put it simply. There were points in Dead Space 1 that had me crying I was so terrified. Dead Space 2 really lost that horror aspect that the first game had. After watching the Dead Space 3 trailer, I was sad to see that it looks like it is going to be the same way in this game. I feel that the Dead Space franchise is slowly going downhill, this new game looks more like Gears of War and less like a real survival horror game.

1) Wii U 
I would say that the entire Nintendo press conference was just awful, but there were a few announcements for the 3DS that had me excited. It was really just the Wii U aspect of Nintendo (which was the majority of the press conference) that had me disappointed. If you know me, I love Nintendo. In my opinion, they usually always win E3. Last year they did an incredible job, but this year they really plummeted. The Wii U has already appealed to me, but what disappointed me most is that they did not appeal to the self-proclaimed "hardcore gamers" who have no desire to buy a Wii U. Nintendo has always focused on the "family" aspect of gaming, which is great. But they also have claimed to appeal to those who consider themselves "hardcore" gamers. There are still so many unanswered questions about the Wii U. When is the release date? How much is it selling for? Is it a next gen console? Let's be real -- it is not a next gen console if they are going to spend a good portion of time talking about Arkham City, a game that came out last year. I am thoroughly disappointed that Nintendo did nothing to appeal to the gamers who have harshly criticized them, they have only given them reason to be more critical. Even some sort of Zelda, Metroid, or Star Fox announcement would have made the press conference better -- we were all waiting for something about the Wii U to blow us away, but there was nothing that did.

Runner-ups: Star Wars: The Old Republic updates, Fable: The Journey.


Top 5 games shown at E3 that had me tossing money at the screen (AKA the games that look awesome and I want right now).

5) Metro: Last Light
Maybe this was not the Metro 2034 we wanted, but definitely the sequel we needed. Metro is one of those incredible games that was never really advertised too much, so it was no surprise that there was no mention of it at any of the press conferences. Nonetheless, the footage that was covered by IGN, Gamespot, and other gaming resources had me looking forward to this sequel of a game that I fell in love with right from the start.

4) Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance 
A rather confusing title change, but nonetheless a long-awaited game that does not fail to look great. It was another game that was not shown at any of the five press conferences, but Konami had their own "pre-E3 conference" where they talked about this game. I will admit it looks nothing like any of the Metal Gear titles, instead it looks more Ninja Gaiden-esque. However, I am not upset about this because this is not Snake's game, it is Raiden's game. I know that I am going to have hours of fun kicking butt as Raiden in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

3) Star Wars 1313
Another game that was not shown at any of the press conferences (I am beginning to spot a trend here; just more reasons as to why the press conferences were not that great). This game was the most impressive looking game at E3 because the incredible-looking cut scenes were also the gameplay. I have no idea when this game is coming out or for what consoles, but I do know that I am going to enjoy playing as one of my favorite classes in the Star Wars universe: the bounty hunter.

2) Watch Dogs
This game took everyone for surprise (except the Ubi devs, of course. I am in intern with Ubi and I did not even know about this game!). There was hacking, stealth, along with many other cool elements. Quite frankly, the game was unlike anything I have ever seen before. Good on you, Ubisoft. You have created something new and refreshing for gamers to enjoy. This was definitely one of the most talked about games during this year's E3.

1) Assassin's Creed III 
Not only was this the number one game that I was looking forward to this year, but Ubisoft presented it so beautifully and did not get my hopes up for nothing. I already saw an exclusive trailer of AC3 at PAX East, but I still wanted more. Taking Assassin's Creed to a completely new setting was the best thing that Ubisoft could do for this franchise. The American Revolution is a period in time that is never touched by video games, and now gamers can experience this time period with Conner. Jumping through trees, killing bears, being able to see George Washington -- these are all elements of the game that I cannot wait to experience. I already have the game pre-ordered and now I am anxiously awaiting late October so I can finally play it for myself.

Runner-ups: Halo 4, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, God of War: Ascension


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