Monday, April 23, 2012

Visiting The Art Of Video Games Exhibit

Last weekend I was enjoying myself in my nation's capital to appreciate the beauty of video games. The Smithsonian American Art Museum is currently running an exhibit titled The Art of Video Games. It will be running for a limited time, so that prompted my boyfriend and I to plan a day trip to Washington, D.C. The two of us completely nerded out at everything the exhibit had to offer. It was certainly a lovely display that any fan of video games could enjoy.
(I apologize in advance for the poor quality images -- my digital camera does not take the best of pictures, and I was too excited and overwhelmed at the time to check how the pictures I took came out.)


To my surprise, the exhibit was not just a collaboration of video game artwork, though there was a great deal of artwork there. It was also extremely interactive. There were several rooms, one of which had large screens with games to play such as Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., Monkey Island and Myst. The last room had every console you could possibly imagine with four of the most influential games on that specific platform. For any gamer, experiencing this exhibit would be like a trip down memory lane.

I believe that this exhibit was a wonderful platform for video game appreciation. Many people seem to misjudge video games, seeing them as a waste of time or insignificant hobby. However, viewing this exhibit made me realize that there is so much more to this passion of mine. The exhibit left me nostalgic, yet hopeful for the future. Nonetheless, I believe it was worth the trip to see how far video games have come, and it made me happy to see that the whole world is able experience one of my greatest passions.


Camonox said...

That's so cool, I love when the rest of the world gets a chance to understand that video games are a true art form. I have been wanting to get up there to that exhibit, when is it running till?

Tracie said...

It's running in D.C. until the end of September :) Afterward the exhibit is making a national tour to several different cities!

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