Friday, January 6, 2012

I Got Gunnars!

My PPK Snow Gunnar Optiks.

This post isn't a "review" of my Gunnar gaming glasses, per say. It is rather me raving over how great they are.
I am assuming that everyone who is reading this will know what exactly Gunnars are. If not, check out their website before you read any further.

I love my Gunnars. The clarity and overall improvement I am seeing while gaming is very apparent. For someone like myself who  stares at a screen for hours gaming, these glasses are ideal and certainly not a waste of money. I use them every time I play video games -- whether on my PC monitor or TV.
If you are an individual who does not yet own a pair of these spectacular specs and may possibly be doubting their use, allow me to resolve any doubt in your mind that these glasses are not worth buying. If you suffer headaches from staring at a screen for too long like myself or wish to enhance your gaming experience, invest in these glasses!
But most of all, wearing Gunnars will make you feel like a pro gamer. And that is a stellar feeling.


Adam said...

Wow I never heard of those before. Do they have a demo station at best buy to let you see the difference?

Tracie said...

Yes! I'm not certain if every Best Buy has a demo station, but I know they are available at many of the stores.

Anonymous said...

what frame style do you have?

Tracie said...

I have the PPK Snow frames, they only come in one style:

Ron said...

So you have pretty much made up my mind on these glasses. I'm going to order them now. I was wondering though... I noticed you play DOTA 2? Have you ever played or thought about playing League of Legends? I'm playing that currently and want more friends to regularly play with lol.

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