Friday, December 30, 2011

My Gaming Goodies Got Featured On The Frag Dolls' Blog!

Hey there! Go check out the Frag Dolls blog! They posted images that fans submitted of their "gaming Christmas loot", and my picture is up (via my twitter handle @Queenof_Blades). You can see all of the gaming stuff I received for Christmas this year.

To my readers: I hope you all had a great holiday (and, as the Frag Dolls said, a very gamer Christmas). I wish you all a Happy New Year

This blog has now been running for over a year, and I have received a great deal of support from friends and family. I plan to continue blogging about my quirky happenings in geek culture for many years to come. Thanks for reading!

Love always,

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Game Backlog

I was inspired to create this list by several other gamers who seem to be suffering the same problem as I am. It is that time of year when gamers are overwhelmed with too many game releases. Now that all of the major titles of 2011 have been released, I realize that I am extremely backed up on my "games to play" list. How exactly do developers expect us consumers to play these games, all of which are released from September – December, while maintaining some sort of life outside of games?

But, I digress. While the situation is unfortunate for us gamers, it still exists and we must deal with it. The topic at hand is what games I have on my "backlog", meaning which games I plan on playing, but haven’t gotten to yet.

Currently, I have been consumed by Star Wars: The Old Republic (MMOs seem to consume a lot of a gamer’s time), Skyward Sword, and Skyrim. These three games happen to be very strenuous on my time, however, I know there will come a point where I need a break from these games – and that is where the “catching up” will take place.

Oh, and not only do I need to catch up on the recent game releases, but there are also several older games that I need to finish. They will also be featured on this list.

Enough talk. Here are the games. My “game backlog” consists of the following:

Batman: Arkham City – I am ashamed to say that I have not played this game yet.  The game released in November, I got excited, but was too busy with other things to afford/have the opportunity to play. To be honest, I am waiting for some sort of crazy deal on Steam before I purchase this game. That may not happen for some time – but you never know.

Rage – In my opinion, this game is a "renter". Meaning, I'm not planning on spending $60 for it. So far, you may be reading this blog and saying, "wow, she is cheap" – but I promise you, I'm not that bad. I'm just a poor college student trying to conserve money, okay?

Dark Souls – This is a game that I have played, but never finished. Quite honestly, I don’t think I will ever finish this game. However, I would like to advance in the game to the point where I feel like I really accomplished something.

Catherine – This is not a game that came out recently. Nonetheless, it’s a game I’ve really wanted to play  but haven’t had the chance to.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Another game I started, but never finished. From what I heard, it was a quality game. Therefore, I'd like to finish it at some point.

Mass Effect 2 – This is slightly embarrassing to admit, being that I always talk about how much I love Mass Effect, and also the fact that ME3 is coming out soon. My goal is to finish this game before the release of ME3.

Penumbra Series– This series is an oldie, but they are still games that I have wanted to play but still have not had the chance to. I absolutely loved Amnesia, so I really wanted to try this game

Halo: Combat Evolved – From what I have heard, this remake of the original Halo is great. I have yet to get my hands on it, but it is certainly a game I have been wanting to play.

There you have it – my somewhat lengthy list of games to beat. There may be other games that I forgot to add, but this is the bulk of it.

What are some games that are on your gamer backlog? Do we share any similar games on this list that we have both been slacking on? If you haven't compiled a backlog list yet, I highly recommend it. Creating a list will help give you a visual idea of how behind you are. ;)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Beginning My Adventures In Star Wars: The Old Republic

An amazing email to read. I received this on Tuesday, December 13th.
It is interesting to think that just a few months ago I was literally flipping out due to the fact that the future of Star Wars: The Old Republic seemed unclear. Just this past summer, early beta testing had been undergoing problems -- all of the September weekend testing had been closed. After delay upon delay of this game, and then an announcement that the game would tentatively be released "sometime during the end of 2011", all hope had seemed lost. As a fan and follower of news for SWTOR, I was convinced that the game would not be released until 2012.

And then, suddenly, BioWare gave us an official release date. December 20th, 2011. My heart had rejoiced at this news. I already had the game preordered from way back in July, which at the time seemed like ages ago. Now all that was left was to sit back and count down the days until release.

Last month, I had the unique pleasure among many others to test out The Old Republic for two weekends in a row. I enjoyed playing through the many different character selections, but in all honesty it did not help my indecisiveness of which class to play as (for my main character, of course. Main characters are the pride and joy of every MMO player). I knew that I wanted to be a healer. But I didn't know which class I wanted to play heals as, or which faction for that matter. Empire, or Republic? I pondered this question for hours -- the decision literally made me lose sleep.

The following are the top three classes that appealed to me most, all of which I played during the beta testing:

1. Jedi Sage - This is one of the Consular's specs, which consists of ranged DPS/heals. What I love most about the Consular is the fact that they explore the powers of the force and what it truly means to be a Jedi. Being that I am a complete dork, I find this incredibly fascinating. In the beginning, the story line is not all too exciting, but you can gain some interesting insight about the Jedi ways. This class is obviously not for everyone, however, it certainly has its perks. For example, the gear consists of pretty robes and cool hats.

2. Commando - I decided to try out the Trooper class, and I really enjoyed it. Many people didn't like the fact that one of the Commando's talent trees is healing, but me being the one who actually ENJOYS healing, I thought it was rather exciting. That being said, I didn't get to play the Trooper as much as I wanted to, but nonetheless, it was a fun class to play around with.

3. Sith Sorcerer - In my opinion, the Sith Inquisitor is the most corrupt and evil class in the game. I know that the Sith are supposed to be power-hungry jerks, but the Inquisitors are just...incredibly evil no matter what. They go deep into the dark side of the force. A lot of things about the Inquisitor appealed to me -- I loved using lighting and other dark force abilities, however, I did not enjoy the storyline too much. It turns out that I picked all of the "good guy" actions by sparing innocents rather than torturing them, that is when I realized what's the point of being a good guy Sith? Might as well just be Jedi.

Finally, I settled on one class. I decided that my first character would be the Jedi Sage, and I know that I have made the right choice.

On Tuesday, BioWare began sending out early access invites for those who preordered the game. I got my invite around 1 p.m. that day, and that began my adventure in SWTOR. I haven't been "dedicated" to an MMO since the release of RIFT (when was that? February? March?). I know that I am going to thoroughly enjoy playing SWTOR. The music, the voice acting, the storyline...everything about the game has amazed me thus far (check out SWTOR's Facebook page where they upload songs from the soundtrack daily!).

Creating my Zabrak Consular Sage. I love her!
(I become very attached to my characters...don't judge.)
Wookiee is....way taller than me.

Check back to my blog soon for more of my adventures in Star Wars: The Old Republic.