Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Got Hacked! My Story On The Xbox Live FIFA Hackings

About a week ago, I saw a friend of mine post on facebook saying that her Xbox Live account had been compromised and temporarily frozen. Several people had commented saying that she had been seen playing the FIFA soccer game on her account when she does not own that game. She then later found out that this hack has been happening to many other Xbox Live users. All of the hackings seem to have similar signs -- the game FIFA 12 is played on the account (with the same 2 achievements unlocked) as well as a large amount of Microsoft Points purchased (and spent on DLC for FIFA).

Just the other day, the same incident began to happen to me. Here's my story:

Around 8 a.m. on Thursday, my bank called me and left a voicemail (I was still asleep at the time). I disregarded the message for the time being because I didn't think it was all too important.

6000 & 4000 MP? What?! I would never spend that much.
Later that day, I checked my email to see that Microsoft sent me 2 emails confirming that I had purchased 6000 and 4000 Microsoft Points. That is when I began to panic. I realized I had been hacked (but I did not know it was the FIFA hack just yet).

I then frantically tried to figure out what was going on. That was well over $75 worth of Microsoft Points being purchased on my card.

As the day continued, someone had looked at my twitter and asked me, "why were you playing a soccer game on xbox?"
My response? I was obviously completely confused. "....Soccer game? What soccer game?"
Suddenly, it all began to make sense. Soccer game. Xbox Live Account was hacked. I put two and two together as I blurted out --

"The FIFA Hack!"

At first, I was quite shocked. You hear about hackings all the time nowadays (we can thank Lulzsec for that). Yet, you never think the hack would happen to you. I felt so violated.

I changed my Xbox Live password and was able to log back onto my account immediately (it was not frozen like my friend's account). That is when I began to check out the damages that had been done to my account.

Most recent game? FIFA 12.
Oh, and 2 achievements.
The bright side? Well, I got two new achievements on FIFA 12! That's cool, I guess?
The bad part? I lost more than half of my friends list. Also, I had 80 Microsoft Points. They are now gone. I know 80 MP isn't really that big of a deal; I'd probably only be able to buy a shirt for my avatar with it. But it was still mine, you know? I'm not going to start calling Microsoft (and maybe even EA, because FIFA is their game) and demand I get my 80 MP back. I think I'm over it already.

This just shows that even Microsoft is vulnerable to being hacked (SONY's very small revenge, I suppose). Though, from what I read, it doesn't seem like Microsoft is all too concerned about it. It doesn't even seem like they care about their customers enough to reimburse what was lost. But whatever. We can't expect TOO much from Microsoft, anyway.

I also recieved this in an email.
"Thanks for playing FIFA Soccer 12".


Anonymous said...

I got hacked whilst I was playing Gears 3 on-line, I kept on being diconnected then I noticed in my email I had purchased 25000 MS points and migrated my account to Russia. I was unable to get into my windows live ID as they have changed the password and language and now my xbox is all in Russian. I have been on xbox live for over 4 years now why would they think I wanted to migrate my account alarm bells should've rang I have been waiting 28 days so far and nothing not even an email I have had to pay my credit card company for all the extra puchases I did not make as well. I wasn't stupid didn't give out any of my details so how was this done oh yes and while I couldn't play on line someone was using my gamertag and account to play Fifa which I hate and have never played. I suppose it could have been worse as like so many people I only use 3 different passwords so if they had used it on Amazon I would be looking at a hefty bill right now. It looks like this problem is growing and if it's not sorted soon I will be selling my console and try to get my money back from Microsoft we need more people to complain to highlight this issue do you remember the red ring of death?

Anonymous said...

Just an update to the previous post I've been on the phone to Microsoft it's been 31 days now still no account back. Officially I have been told my account was hacked through my EA account and because it was migrated to Russia it's gonna take longer. Oh well more waiting.

Tracie said...

Oh wow, I'm really sorry to hear that! I hope that you are able to get your account back soon.

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