Friday, September 9, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The SWTOR Excuse

I cannot explain why, but for some reason within these past few months, I have been in this crazy mood to play an MMO. I was honestly considering getting back on World of Warcraft again (which I did end up doing for a few days, but then I realized playing WoW alone is no fun for me). Then I decided to play Dragon Age: Origins to help my craving because Dragon Age (though it is not an MMO) is a great RPG.

As I played DA:O, I constantly reminded myself of how awesome BioWare is. They make such great games, don't they? I mean, the Mass Effect series has become one of my favorite series ever. I could go on and on about how much I love their games. BioWare could really be the ones to fill my MMORPG craving. And that is when my thoughts quickly turned into....The Old Republic. 

"No! I told myself I wouldn't think about SWTOR so much! I might jinx the game to be delayed another year!" These were the thoughts running through my mind.

Eventually, these unwanted thoughts brought me to SWTOR's website, where I saw several new awesome gameplay trailers for the game.

...I swear, BioWare is such a tease. They enjoy torturing us, don't they? It seems like they constantly release trailers, but they'll never actually release the game. BioWare just knows that us fans are addicted, we can't get our mind off of SWTOR.

The race I plan on playing is the Zabrak.
(That purple dual lightsaber is really awesome, too.)
I already have my race, class, and specs picked out for the game. Well, I have not decided if I want to be on the Republic or Empire side yet -- I am pretty awful when it comes to making a decision.
I'll be choosing either a Jedi Consular or a Sith Inquisitor. Yup, I am the heals! 

Oh, and did I mention that I pre-ordered it the day pre-orders went up on their website back in July?

And now, within the past week, a certain article came up on my newsfeed that really ticked me off. The title was "Star Wars: The Old Republic release date depends on the beta feedback".
Look, I understand feedback from the fans is important and all, but at this point we just freaking want the game to be released. Okay, EA? Okay, BioWare? You guys still haven't even given us a definite release date yet! The game will be released in 2011? Uh, well, it's already September. 

(You may want to click the image to enlarge it.)
See? Even Gamefreaks agrees with me.

Oh, hold on guys. I have even better news.
Guess what BioWare just announced today?

Beta Testing for Star Wars: The Old Republic for this weekend is cancelled, and possibly all weekends of September.
"There is no Beta Testing Weekend scheduled for this weekend. There may be further Beta Testing Weekends during September, but we’re not going to guarantee it. The weekend that just finished was really our first dry run of Beta Testing Weekends as a whole, and we have plenty of data to crunch, and decisions to make before we start things up again." (Read G4's article for further info).

No, I am not kidding right now. They really did say that.
Oh, but they still plan to release the game this year! Yeah, okay.
There is no hope left for this game.

The summary of this? I started out somewhat happy and in the mood to feed my MMO crave. Yet, this craving ended in anger and frustration because I realized that the real MMO I want to play and I've wanted for so long, SWTOR, has been dangling a feather over my head and I'm just the stupid, cute little kitten who will simply keep chasing it no matter what (uh, did that analogy even make sense?).


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