Sunday, August 7, 2011

Getting my Nintendo Fix.

I am going to be honest here -- I absolutely LOVE Nintendo. But who doesn't? Well, there are some people who genuinely dislike Nintendo (which I respectfully disagree with). But I really feel that Nintendo is an overall very likable company; whether you're just a fan of Mario, or Zelda, or Kirby. Whatever it may be, there is always something to like about Nintendo.

I have been playing Nintendo since I was a kid. NES and SNES were my first two consoles; I grew up with them. I proudly own every single Nintendo console and the majority of their handhelds. I can understand why some people do not like Nintendo -- but I automatically know that these people did not grow up with Nintendo consoles (my assumption is that they must have been Sega folk). But that is okay; I understand. It is really just a special thing when you grow up with a certain company like Nintendo. I am sure a lot of people out there would agree with me.

Okay, enough talk about my reminiscing of the past. I recently became a platinum member of Club Nintendo. Isn't that exciting?! I decided it was time to use up all of my rewards points and get some of free things from Nintendo. I'm so glad that buying all of those Nintendo games have finally paid off, because I really do have a lot of Nintendo games on the Wii and DSi. My stuff finally came in the mail yesterday -- it was so awesome.

First off, I ordered some really nice folders and bookmarks with Mario artwork on them. Honestly, I really love these folders. I know they're just folders and not anything incredibly amazing, but I am definitely excited about them because I'm such a dork. They also happen to be really good quality, not just some flimsy paper folders.

Secondly, I got myself 2 new Wiimotes and a Nunchuck! Just kidding. I already had those. However, I did get this really nice tin to hold them in! I honestly think this a really practical thing to have. I love the way it looks, and it's absolutely perfect for my two Wiimotes and Nunchuck.

And those were the two things I got from Club Nintendo. I feel really awesome to be getting things from Nintendo. I'm quite the dork, aren't I?

Also, last week I ordered a new case for my DSi. I never owned anything that could protect my DSi XL, so I decided to look around for a cute and practical case or cover. I found something on Amazon that I thought was way cute. More Nintendo merchandise! Hah.

This is my new case to hold my DSi XL. You'll recognize the character on the case from the Mario games. This case was honestly just too cute, I couldn't help myself.

The case is also extremely practical. It folds open and holds up to 6 DS games, a stylus, and your DS. Everything is there for me so I can bring this case with me wherever I go. It's a really nice design, in my opinion.

You can also fold it around and prop up your DS like so, which is also a really neat feature.

All in all, this purchase was a really great investment. I was desperate for something to hold my DS and my games; this little case was the ideal. Exactly what I was looking for.

And there you have it. I truly have been getting my fix of Nintendo recently. I also am going to start playing through Majora's Mask again before I head back to school. Such a great game!