Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gears of War 3

While all of you PSN users were dealing with your massive offline issues, this is what I have been doing.


THIS BETA. Oh man, I can't even describe it. Just sheer. Awesome. Fun. Gears has always had such great multiplayer in my opinion.
The beta incorporates a lot of interactivity, where doing certain things earn you unlockable characters, skins, etc. Not every beta has that. But Gears 3 makes it awesome.

The game does have a lot of the same weapons, gameplay, and...color scheme (grey, brown, black and occasional red are the only colors in the game...hah). HOWEVER, there is also some new stuff! There is a lot of really cool customization in the beta, which is never been around before in the Gears games. Also,  the retro lancer is a pretty awesome weapon. I haven't really utilized it multiplayer too much, but I bet it's going to be awesome in single player.
But in regard to which weapons are the best, obviously it all comes down to personal taste. I could sit here saying how much I love certain weapons in the game, but then someone might disagree with me. I hear some say that the retro lancer is "OP", and others beg to differ. What I suggest, if you're not smart and haven't figured this out for yourself, is to try out all of the weapons and get a really good feel of them all. That's what the beta is for. Derpaderp.
ANYWAY, what is the purpose of this post? Gears of War 3 is awesome. I THINK I'M GOING TO GO PLAY IT RIGHT NOW. ;D

(BTW: this is not my actual gameplay. But I figured I'd post a short bit of gameplay to show the Retro Lancer.)

Tracie AKA Gears fan 4 lyfe xOxO


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