Monday, March 14, 2011

Rift. The Only Real Current Update On My Life.

I've been neglecting my blog! I usually try to update my blog more frequently than I have been lately. I've been quite busy in these past couple of weeks mainly with school and gaming. And by gaming, I mean Rift. Because that is really the only game I've been playing. But thankfully it is SPRING BREAK for me! Aww yeah. Hopefully this will give me more time to catch up on some other games.

So here's the deal.
A few weeks ago, I quit WoW and decided I was going to play Rift. At first, I asked myself why exactly I was doing this. I only started playing WoW again a few months ago (I'm pretty sure I also recently made a post about getting my free authenticator from Blizz and being quite excited about that, as well) and I was really enjoying playing WoW. But with the way I am, I don't enjoy an MMO unless I'm playing with others. The majority of my friends quit WoW for the semester, and my boyfriend also decided that he was going to quit WoW and play Rift. Also, a few of his friends were going to play Rift, and they were going to start up a guild. All in all, I made this decision based on the fact that for the most part, I was going to be all alone in WoW, and I really didn't want that. So I went into Rift with a somewhat bitter feeling, and I wasn't expecting it to be all that great. I mean, pretty much every MMO always gets crushed by the almighty World of Warcraft.

Now that I introduced my story, allow me to continue. I pre-ordered Rift and did the head start a few weeks ago. My reaction? I was completely surprised. I wasn't expecting Rift to be this...good. As many have already said, Rift has a lot of the same mechanics as WoW, except Rift has some things that are quite different that I like a lot better. I am absolutely in love with the customization of the souls. There is SO much you can do with just one character -- it's incredible.

So let me show you my toon!

Reila. Defiant. Cleric. Server: Reclaimer.

HECK YEAH -- I'm a cleric. And it's awesome. I love it. Right now, I have a healing role (my first time doing heals on an MMO! Totally loving it!), a DPS role, and I'm working on my tanking role. So I can pretty much do whatever the HECK I want and it's awesome.
Right now, I'm lvl 31. Which really isn't much. My boyfriend is almost at the level cap, which is 50. He plays a lot more than me, though. Before Spring Break started, I really only had time to play on the weekends because I was so busy with school during the week. Oh, and I have an amazing group of guildies. JUST SAYIN'.

So, yes. I am thoroughly enjoying Rift. And if anyone was hesitant about playing it, I say just go for it. highly doubt you'll be disappointed. In my opinion, it is a lot more challenging than World of Warcraft, which is a good thing.
You will find everyone in-game comparing Rift to WoW. The majority of people who play Rift are WoW converts, so you will always hear people talking about WoW. Honestly? It gets kind of annoying after a while. I just want to say, "shut up, fools. This is Rift, stop talking about WoW. And stop comparing the two like it is cool. If you keep talking about WoW, then go back to it. Your crying is annoying." I'm sure many others who play Rift can agree with me on this one.

I will probably be making frequent posts about my random adventures in Rift. This post was a little bit boring, I apologize. I will make Rift seem more interesting very soon. Maybe some of you readers will even be convinced to play Rift if you aren't playing already! ;)


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