Tuesday, March 22, 2011

RIFT Cleric EndGame Builds

As I'm leveling my cleric in Rift, I'd like to post my overall goals for my endgame builds. I did a lot of research and put a lot of thought into what exactly I want my soul trees to look like. And this is what I've decided on.
I have three definite builds that I'm working on: a PvP healing build, a caster DPS build, and a tanking build.
There are so many different ways to customize your soul trees and such, and it's really all about preference. But here I will show you my personal preference; these are the builds that I will be using when my cleric hits level 50. But honestly, these are pretty common endgame builds for clerics who hit 50. I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary here.

PvP Healing Build: Sentinel, Purifier and Templar.
This build is very good for PvP heals. Especially Templar, which I've yet to unlock. It's going to be so awesome for PvP.
Soul Tree: Healing Role  ← Click the link to see the build.

Caster DPS Build: Cabalist, Inquisitor, and Templar.
Cabalist will be the main focus of this build, because it has the best AoE. Inquisitor will back it up because it also will help with DoTs. These two souls are really the only two that are good for caster DPS builds. And clerics who use melee for DPS in PvP, in my opinion, are pretty useless. I started out using melee DPS and it absolutely sucked in PvP.
Soul Tree: DPS Role

Tanking Build: Justicar, Shaman, and Druid.
Obviously these are pretty much the best three cleric souls for tanking. Here's what I'd like my soul tree to look like:
Soul Tree: Tanking Role

My fourth role will probably be some sort of combination of a PvE healing build. But I haven't quite decided on it yet. ;)
My current main is a mere level 32. I haven't been playing as much as I should have in the past few weeks. However, I plan on playing a lot more from here on. So here goes the big stretch to hit 50, haha! When I get between 35-40, I would like to post my leveling build just to show off how cool my leveling soul tree is! Actually, it's really not that cool. ;( Haha.
Anyway, blogging about Rift is fun. I'm really enjoying this game a lot. ♥