Monday, February 28, 2011

Why I am considering switching from the 360 to PS3.

Many know me as being very biased toward Xbox. I tend to trash-talk the PS3 and constantly rave about the 360. Most of the time, I am usually joking about it and it's all in good fun. But sometimes I do get into full-blown discussions on why I chose the 360 over PS3. As of recent, I have been putting some serious thought into switching from the 360 to PS3. Here are my reasons as to why.

First of all, let me look at the reasons why I wanted an Xbox 360 in the first place.
  • Halo Exclusive (I admit it...I am a Halofag)
  • Gears of War Exclusive (I do enjoy the Gears of War series a great deal)
  • XBL, I feel, is better than PSN in many ways. At one point, XBL offered a lot more than PSN. I felt the layout and everything about XBL was much more user-friendly. From what I've heard, however, PSN is beginning to get better.
  • Excluding the horrid D-Pad that Xbox has, I prefer the Xbox controller; especially for shooter games. I find it much more comfortable than PS3.
This may not seem like much, but to me, these reasons were reason enough for me to chose the 360 over the PS3. I definitely don't regret getting an xbox -- I have loved that console like it was my own child. However, recently I have just been very disappointed. And also jealous of PS3 users.

Now, let's look at why I am considering switching over to a PS3.
  • Ever since I got my new gaming laptop, I definitely prefer playing shooter games on the PC over playing them on a console. That being said, any shooter game from this point on that is going to be released for multiple platforms I will probably get for the PC. For example, Bulletstorm. The majority of games that I play on the 360 are FPS, thus making my 360 a little bit useless.
  •  Killzone 3. Omg, that game looks sexy and I want to play it so badly.
  • Other PS3 exclusives that I never got the chance to play, such as Heavy Rain.
  • Halo and Gears are the two most important 360 exclusives to me. The Halo series is done (besides the remake of the original Halo that is apparently coming out this year). Gears 3 will be released this year (this series will also probably end soon). Since my two most important exclusives are pretty much done, that makes another reason why my 360 is looking pretty useless at this point.
  • The Xbox Live community is just getting stupider and stupider. Seriously, within the past few months I've been unable to play a game of Black Ops without getting harassed. While I usually find it entertaining, it's just been getting really old and really annoying. I hear mixed reviews about the PSN community, some tell me that it's better than XBL because not as many people have mics, and the ones that do usually aren't toolbags or 12 year-old boys or people who make annoying noises the entire game (yes, I know...I do use the mute button). But from others, I hear PSN is just as bad. Regardless, it doesn't matter to me THAT much, because I can tolerate this. Which makes me wonder why I even made this a bullet. Um, yeah.
  • And here is probably the most obvious reason: PSN is free. Hah. Screw you, Microsoft. 

And that's really why I have been considering getting a PS3. I have definitely been putting a lot of thought into this and I'm sure there's more reasons why that I haven't said here. But who knows what will happen, I'm never good with decisions, anyway.
And if you're wondering, why not get both? Don't know if can afford that, really. The money I'd get from selling my xbox is what I'd put toward getting a PS3 (possibly a refurbished PS3). It may not be THAT much money, but it's better than nothing, right? And what would be the point of having a 360 if I would barely use it?

This photo pretty much describes my relationship with my xbox at the moment.


      Anonymous said...

      Shooters should always be reserved to where they belong, on the pc, and PS3 offers a lot of those obscure, uncommon games, as well as a variety of 3rd person titles worth looking into. As for Killzone? Don't listen to the hype... the graphics aren't as impressive as they make it out to be, and the gameplay is just another run of the mill shooter.

      K7 said...

      Get PS3! You'll love it! :D

      Anonymous said...

      Hmm, PS3 does have a lot of interesting games, but I would say that the 360 makes up for that alot with the slew of arcade titles that are brilliantly made and pretty cheap on the xbl marketplace. As for Halo, the franchise is not over, Bungie just will not be making the games anymore. Microsoft isn't going to let a cashcow franchise like Halo die just because the developers aren't owned by them anymore and want to move on. Whether future Halo games will actually be viable sequels or not is something we will have to see. Xbox live is a paid service, but as such there are more safeguards and overall better service provided. There has been an outbreak of hacking on PSN which Sony has been trying to control, but I believe it is still quite rampant. Also, a good majority of the people who play Black Ops are just toolbags, so it doesn't surprise me that they are fulfilling their purpose in life. I didn't think Black Ops was very well made anyway... Treyarch fails to deliver the same experience as Infinity Ward. I think you should stay with the 360, the community as alot of tools but alot of nice people as well, you just have to find them (probably not on Black Ops. There are tons of nice people that play Reach). And when it is all said and done, XBL isn't really that expensive. Plus I hate the PS3 controller for pretty much ever game except Gran Turismo :P

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