Saturday, February 5, 2011

Obligatory Valentine's Day Post. Cute V-Day Stuff for Gamers!

It is that time of the year again, gamers. Valentine's Day. V-Day weekend is actually only a week away, can you believe it? From my observation, many gamers tend to be bitter about Valentine's Day because the majority of them are single (Kidding! I also know that gamers can be very sensitive so please don't take that joke the wrong way, haha). But in all seriousness, geeks are awesome. Prior to two years ago, I was a single geek myself.

Alright, forgive me for rambling -- allow me move on. Personally, I see Valentine's Day as the perfect way for gamers to get really creative. There are so many awesome ideas for Valentine's Day gifts that are perfect for geeks. You did not know that? That is okay, because I am here to give you some ideas. Here are some things that I think are absolutely adorable to get for your significant other this Valentine's Day.

This card is a personal favorite of mine. Almost got it for my bf last year. You can find it on this girl's etsy shop!

These cards are also really cute, creative, and perfect for gamers! You can get one on RockPaperScizorz's etsy shop just in time for V-Day.

So after you get your card for your sweetheart, bake him/her some cute cookies! These geek conversation heart cookies are the perfect alternative to those nasty conversation heart candies that are always around on Valentine's Day. I hated getting those things from people, they tasted so bad. Anyway, the recipe is over at this amazing website called Snack or Die. They also have tons of awesome gaming-related baked goods.

Alexandria Neonakis is an awesome artist, and she has made a lot of cute Valentine's Day gaming related artwork. Here are some of my favorites!


Hopefully this post will inspire some of you gamers out there. I know there is much more cute V-Day related stuff out there on the internet, but maybe these few things will give you all some ideas to show your significant other how much you appreciate him or her this V-Day weekend! ♥ Oh, I can be such a girl sometimes. Enjoy Valentine's Day, everyone!


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