Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Origin of my name - Miss Magitek

I would like to address a question that is asked of me frequently. Where did the name "Miss Magitek" come from?

Trying to come up with a permanent "gaming handle" can be rather difficult. I think it is important to develop a name that is unique and personal to the gamer as an individual. After much thought, the name I came up with was very special to me for several reasons, and now I would like to finally explain the story to my readers.

Some may look at my name and have not the slightest idea what it means; others can instantly recognize that it is from Final Fantasy VI (or Final Fantasy III if you are familiar with the original SNES port to America). Magitek armor is used in FFVI -- when you first meet the protagonist, Terra (or Tina) Branford, she is controlled by this armor. Terra is one of my favorite video game characters in existence; there is something particularly special about her. I was drawn to her character directly upon meeting her, and I developed a very strong attachment to her throughout the game. After my first playthrough of FFVI, it instantly became my favorite JRPG and one of my favorite games of all-time.

Many people whom I discuss FFVI with agree that it is one of their favorite games, as well. If you are reading this and you have not played this game, I implore that you play it as soon as you can. I guarantee that you, too, will fall in love with Terra and the rest of the game.

Magitek is a very unique design, and it is a crucial part of Final Fantasy. Terra is a young girl who is born with powers that she still does not fully understand. She is often confused about herself and the world around her, but as her character progresses in the game she begins to understand them better. In a way, I can relate to Terra in this sense -- I may not understand everything, but I am slowly beginning to understand the world and people around me as my life progresses. I am honored to use such a wonderful character as my gaming handle, and now you, too, can understand my name: Miss Magitek.


Larry gaugh said...

Love it. This game has such a moving story that I get the urge to play it again and again. I'll have to show you my Terra and Locke tattoos if you are interested in seeing them. =)

Henrick Steele said...

Haha this is funny. It's good but short. I would've liked to see you go into more detail. Maybe what it means to you. You briefly touched on it but should go deeper. If you ever get time I'd love for you to elaborate on it.

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