Friday, February 11, 2011

Guess who won't be attending Comic-Con this year? Oh, and I won a free authenticator.


If you were one of the many who attempted to get Comic-Con tickets last week, you will be very familiar with this image.
Comic-Con 2011 tickets finally went on sale Saturday, February 5th. Last year, it took several months for the tickets to sell out. This year, it only took a few hours. This was due to the mad rush of people attempting to get tickets at the same time because Comic-Con decided to wait all this time to sell tickets to the public. Why? I have no idea.

I had plans to go to San Diego Comic-Con for months. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a ticket due to the amount of people trying to get tickets at the same time as me. The ticket service that Comic-Con used this year was absolutely terrible. There has never been this much of an issue with tickets as there was this year. It was ridiculous. And of course I had to complain like the many, many others who complained on their facebook page.

Totally sucks, right?

On a lighter note – this week my free WoW authenticator arrived! I LOVE YOU BLIZZARD for giving me free stuff. So how exactly did I get a free authenticator? Firstly, I need to make note of the fact that not having a phone with an authenticator app sucks. I have always wanted to get one of those cute authenticators that Blizz sells, but I could never bring myself to spending the money on one. A few weeks ago Blizzard's Customer Service twitter was doing a sweepstakes where they were giving away 50 free authenticators. I saw it and said, "what the heck". I went for it. And what do you know? I WON. I was so happy.

A glorious e-mail to read.

And on Tuesday, a package arrived!

I felt really cool getting a package from Blizzard.


And it looks WAY CUTE on my phone, of course.

I tend to get really excited over winning free things. I think this is the first sweepstakes that I have ever won. And now I'm totally loving having my new authenticator for my WoW account. ♥ I guess this makes up for not being able to go to Comic-Con?


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