Monday, February 28, 2011

Why I am considering switching from the 360 to PS3.

Many know me as being very biased toward Xbox. I tend to trash-talk the PS3 and constantly rave about the 360. Most of the time, I am usually joking about it and it's all in good fun. But sometimes I do get into full-blown discussions on why I chose the 360 over PS3. As of recent, I have been putting some serious thought into switching from the 360 to PS3. Here are my reasons as to why.

First of all, let me look at the reasons why I wanted an Xbox 360 in the first place.
  • Halo Exclusive (I admit it...I am a Halofag)
  • Gears of War Exclusive (I do enjoy the Gears of War series a great deal)
  • XBL, I feel, is better than PSN in many ways. At one point, XBL offered a lot more than PSN. I felt the layout and everything about XBL was much more user-friendly. From what I've heard, however, PSN is beginning to get better.
  • Excluding the horrid D-Pad that Xbox has, I prefer the Xbox controller; especially for shooter games. I find it much more comfortable than PS3.
This may not seem like much, but to me, these reasons were reason enough for me to chose the 360 over the PS3. I definitely don't regret getting an xbox -- I have loved that console like it was my own child. However, recently I have just been very disappointed. And also jealous of PS3 users.

Now, let's look at why I am considering switching over to a PS3.
  • Ever since I got my new gaming laptop, I definitely prefer playing shooter games on the PC over playing them on a console. That being said, any shooter game from this point on that is going to be released for multiple platforms I will probably get for the PC. For example, Bulletstorm. The majority of games that I play on the 360 are FPS, thus making my 360 a little bit useless.
  •  Killzone 3. Omg, that game looks sexy and I want to play it so badly.
  • Other PS3 exclusives that I never got the chance to play, such as Heavy Rain.
  • Halo and Gears are the two most important 360 exclusives to me. The Halo series is done (besides the remake of the original Halo that is apparently coming out this year). Gears 3 will be released this year (this series will also probably end soon). Since my two most important exclusives are pretty much done, that makes another reason why my 360 is looking pretty useless at this point.
  • The Xbox Live community is just getting stupider and stupider. Seriously, within the past few months I've been unable to play a game of Black Ops without getting harassed. While I usually find it entertaining, it's just been getting really old and really annoying. I hear mixed reviews about the PSN community, some tell me that it's better than XBL because not as many people have mics, and the ones that do usually aren't toolbags or 12 year-old boys or people who make annoying noises the entire game (yes, I know...I do use the mute button). But from others, I hear PSN is just as bad. Regardless, it doesn't matter to me THAT much, because I can tolerate this. Which makes me wonder why I even made this a bullet. Um, yeah.
  • And here is probably the most obvious reason: PSN is free. Hah. Screw you, Microsoft. 

And that's really why I have been considering getting a PS3. I have definitely been putting a lot of thought into this and I'm sure there's more reasons why that I haven't said here. But who knows what will happen, I'm never good with decisions, anyway.
And if you're wondering, why not get both? Don't know if can afford that, really. The money I'd get from selling my xbox is what I'd put toward getting a PS3 (possibly a refurbished PS3). It may not be THAT much money, but it's better than nothing, right? And what would be the point of having a 360 if I would barely use it?

This photo pretty much describes my relationship with my xbox at the moment.

      Monday, February 21, 2011

      Happy 25th Birthday, Zelda!!

      Ahh! One of my favorite video game series turns 25 today! And still going strong! ♥

      Who DOESN'T love Zelda?! Seriously, though. So many wonderful games that I've spent so much time on. Growing up, I loved Zelda.

      Favorite Zelda Game Right Here:
      Pretty Self-Explanatory.
      Nothing will ever take this game's place for me. Nothing.

      Anyway, I'd also like to talk about the upcomming game, Skyward Sword. I suppose I'm looking forward to it and all; but there is one thing about the game that I need to discuss.

      I always get excited about a new major Zelda game. Skyward Sword looks pretty cool. Though I wasn't too impressed with the presentation of it at E3 2010, generally every Zelda game is always good in my opinion, so I'm not worried that Skyward Sword is going to suck.

      But there's just one thing that's really been bothering me ever since I heard of this new Zelda game for the Wii.
      Link's Pants.

      Seriously, though. This new Link's pants are bothering me SO. MUCH.
      I can't explain exactly what it is, but there's something about them that just irks me. To death.
      I think it's the fact that they look too baggy. I loved every single one of Link's character designs from every game. But this one I really, really, really don't like.

      I know, I know. Some of you may not think this is such a big deal, but it's a big deal to me, okay? Hahaha. I think it's because I'm a girl, and I notice these kinds of things.

      But come on, I can't be alone on this. There must be others who hate Link's pants in Skyward Sword. They look extremely unflattering on him. I will probably complain about his pants throughout the entire game.

      Well, now that I let that out – Happy Birthday, Legend of Zelda!

      I'll leave you all with one of my favorite songs from Zelda, this one is my favorite from Majora's Mask.
      The Song of Healing! 

      Friday, February 18, 2011

      Decisions, Decisions.

      Alright, I've said this many times before, and I'm going to say it again. I need a cheaper hobby. HAH.
      Video games are so darn expensive!
      I really hope I don't complain too much in this blog. I mean, I know a lot of gamers who complain about everything. So I guess I'm no different. But I do have an appreciative side. I promise that I do!

      Anyway, I'm pretty much stuck between two things right now, and I don't know what to do. I guess my blog is a good place to rant about it.

      As far as I was concerned, I had no plans to get a 3DS. However, GameStop is doing a little trade in program that piqued my interest.

      $100? Woah now. I have a DSi XL. I wouldn't mind trading that thing in for $100 off a 3DS.
      So, let's see. 3DS is $250.
      If I trade in my DSi XL, it'll go down to $150.
      That sounds...pretty awesome. I think that's a pretty good deal.

      I thought about that for a second. And then I realized, I could get a Kinect for the same price.
      A Kinect is $150.

      Now, the only reason I'm even considering a Kinect is because of one game. Dance freaking Central. I played Dance Central on Kinect for the first time at MAGFest, and I fell in love. Seriously. I love Dance Games, and this game was absolutely amazing. And I'm sure even more great games will be coming out for the Kinect in the future, as well. I think Kinect would also be a very useful investment for me. Even if I do only play Dance Central for the time being; that game could keep me occupied for hours on end.

      I don't know. 3DS, or Kinect? If I was made of money, I'd have them both. But right now, that just simply cannot happen. I would, however, like to invest in one of them next month. Just can't really decide which right now. And I am terrible – absolutely terrible – at making decisions. What do I doooo?

      Friday, February 11, 2011

      Guess who won't be attending Comic-Con this year? Oh, and I won a free authenticator.


      If you were one of the many who attempted to get Comic-Con tickets last week, you will be very familiar with this image.
      Comic-Con 2011 tickets finally went on sale Saturday, February 5th. Last year, it took several months for the tickets to sell out. This year, it only took a few hours. This was due to the mad rush of people attempting to get tickets at the same time because Comic-Con decided to wait all this time to sell tickets to the public. Why? I have no idea.

      I had plans to go to San Diego Comic-Con for months. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a ticket due to the amount of people trying to get tickets at the same time as me. The ticket service that Comic-Con used this year was absolutely terrible. There has never been this much of an issue with tickets as there was this year. It was ridiculous. And of course I had to complain like the many, many others who complained on their facebook page.

      Totally sucks, right?

      On a lighter note – this week my free WoW authenticator arrived! I LOVE YOU BLIZZARD for giving me free stuff. So how exactly did I get a free authenticator? Firstly, I need to make note of the fact that not having a phone with an authenticator app sucks. I have always wanted to get one of those cute authenticators that Blizz sells, but I could never bring myself to spending the money on one. A few weeks ago Blizzard's Customer Service twitter was doing a sweepstakes where they were giving away 50 free authenticators. I saw it and said, "what the heck". I went for it. And what do you know? I WON. I was so happy.

      A glorious e-mail to read.

      And on Tuesday, a package arrived!

      I felt really cool getting a package from Blizzard.


      And it looks WAY CUTE on my phone, of course.

      I tend to get really excited over winning free things. I think this is the first sweepstakes that I have ever won. And now I'm totally loving having my new authenticator for my WoW account. ♥ I guess this makes up for not being able to go to Comic-Con?

      Saturday, February 5, 2011

      Obligatory Valentine's Day Post. Cute V-Day Stuff for Gamers!

      It is that time of the year again, gamers. Valentine's Day. V-Day weekend is actually only a week away, can you believe it? From my observation, many gamers tend to be bitter about Valentine's Day because the majority of them are single (Kidding! I also know that gamers can be very sensitive so please don't take that joke the wrong way, haha). But in all seriousness, geeks are awesome. Prior to two years ago, I was a single geek myself.

      Alright, forgive me for rambling -- allow me move on. Personally, I see Valentine's Day as the perfect way for gamers to get really creative. There are so many awesome ideas for Valentine's Day gifts that are perfect for geeks. You did not know that? That is okay, because I am here to give you some ideas. Here are some things that I think are absolutely adorable to get for your significant other this Valentine's Day.

      This card is a personal favorite of mine. Almost got it for my bf last year. You can find it on this girl's etsy shop!

      These cards are also really cute, creative, and perfect for gamers! You can get one on RockPaperScizorz's etsy shop just in time for V-Day.

      So after you get your card for your sweetheart, bake him/her some cute cookies! These geek conversation heart cookies are the perfect alternative to those nasty conversation heart candies that are always around on Valentine's Day. I hated getting those things from people, they tasted so bad. Anyway, the recipe is over at this amazing website called Snack or Die. They also have tons of awesome gaming-related baked goods.

      Alexandria Neonakis is an awesome artist, and she has made a lot of cute Valentine's Day gaming related artwork. Here are some of my favorites!


      Hopefully this post will inspire some of you gamers out there. I know there is much more cute V-Day related stuff out there on the internet, but maybe these few things will give you all some ideas to show your significant other how much you appreciate him or her this V-Day weekend! ♥ Oh, I can be such a girl sometimes. Enjoy Valentine's Day, everyone!

      Tuesday, February 1, 2011

      The Origin of my name - Miss Magitek

      I would like to address a question that is asked of me frequently. Where did the name "Miss Magitek" come from?

      Trying to come up with a permanent "gaming handle" can be rather difficult. I think it is important to develop a name that is unique and personal to the gamer as an individual. After much thought, the name I came up with was very special to me for several reasons, and now I would like to finally explain the story to my readers.

      Some may look at my name and have not the slightest idea what it means; others can instantly recognize that it is from Final Fantasy VI (or Final Fantasy III if you are familiar with the original SNES port to America). Magitek armor is used in FFVI -- when you first meet the protagonist, Terra (or Tina) Branford, she is controlled by this armor. Terra is one of my favorite video game characters in existence; there is something particularly special about her. I was drawn to her character directly upon meeting her, and I developed a very strong attachment to her throughout the game. After my first playthrough of FFVI, it instantly became my favorite JRPG and one of my favorite games of all-time.

      Many people whom I discuss FFVI with agree that it is one of their favorite games, as well. If you are reading this and you have not played this game, I implore that you play it as soon as you can. I guarantee that you, too, will fall in love with Terra and the rest of the game.

      Magitek is a very unique design, and it is a crucial part of Final Fantasy. Terra is a young girl who is born with powers that she still does not fully understand. She is often confused about herself and the world around her, but as her character progresses in the game she begins to understand them better. In a way, I can relate to Terra in this sense -- I may not understand everything, but I am slowly beginning to understand the world and people around me as my life progresses. I am honored to use such a wonderful character as my gaming handle, and now you, too, can understand my name: Miss Magitek.