Monday, January 3, 2011

Nintendo 3DS. Another thing coming this way in 2011.

I am quite aware that my last post was maybe... a little bit too excited for Duke Nukem Forever. I apologize. To be honest, there really hasn't been to much recent news on Duke Nukem Forever, so...maybe my "Year of Duke" might be a little over exaggerated.

G4 claims that 2011 will be the year of the 3DS.
-dramatic music-
The revolutionary...

Nintendo 3DS!

Here's a funny little thing I just found:
Recently, Nintendo released a warning about letting children under the age of 6 play the 3DS. Young kids apparently should keep the games in 2D version because of the many problems that people suffer from 3D images.

Here is the full article from Tech News World:

Hey, it's darn true! I haven't seen many 3D movies besides Avatar a year ago and Tron 3 times last month. (Yes, I did see Tron 3 times in theaters. As a matter of fact, I'm planning on going again!) When they show the coming attractions for movies, my eyes get dizzy and it's hard for me to focus on the 3D images that the previews for movies have. I know many will agree with me on this: when there is an option to see a movie in 2D or 3D, many will still go for 2D (and that's not always because it's cheaper).

So now that I had my little rant about 3D, I will continue to discuss my thoughts on the 3DS.
As of now, I really have no interest in getting a 3DS. I definitely need to see a 3DS in person before I would even consider investing in one. Of course the idea sounds awesome. Nintendo is always thinking outside of the box. I mean, the Wii was first before Kinect and Playstation Move, as you all know. While Nintendo, in my opinion, doesn't have as many games that are of interest to me besides a small handful of games, I am still amazed at what Nintendo has done to the world of gaming as we know it today. And for that, I commend them for creating the 3DS. While I know I won't be immediately purchasing one, I certainly anticipate the reactions, reviews, and responses that it will recieve once it is put out on the market.

But I gotta tell you, a few of the titles that they are releasing for the 3DS look really awesome. Here is my top 3.
The first thing to catch my eye was the OCARINA OF TIME REMAKE. OMG. Okay, readers. Listen up. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is my favorite video game ever. EVER. I know I love Starcraft to death, but OoT has and always will be my favorite game. No questions asked. Phew. Got that out of my system. Yeah, this remake looks awesome.

The new Kid Icarus game also looks pretty sweet.

And finally, the Metal Gear Solid Remake is the third title to get me all excited.

If you haven't looked at the list of games that was released after E3 2010 of all of the games in development for the 3DS, check it out! A lot of classic Nintendo games are being remade, it should be awesome.

Nintendo, you're awesome. Even though I really haven't bought too many of your games in months, you're still awesome. I have no doubts in my mind that the 3DS will be amazing. It's only a few months away.


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