Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MAGFest 9

This past weekend I attended MAGFest, a gaming con in the Alexandria, VA. This was my first time attending the con.
Overall I had a good time; They had a lot to do there, but I pretty much gamed the whole weekend. I really loved the variety of games that MAGFest had to offer. I spent a great deal of time playing a bunch of old arcade games that they had there. Who can say no to FREE arcade games? Think of all the quarters I saved!
What I really spent most of my time playing, however, was Dance Central on Kinect. I had no idea that I would enjoy that game so much. Honestly, it's probably the only good game that is out for the Kinect right now. This game...really makes me want to buy a Kinect. For real. I can picture what my roommate will think of me when I try to put a Kinect in our dorm room.

Now, onto the pictures! Here are a few of them.

 I...almost cried when I saw these two arcade games standing in front of me. The original Tron. Wow. I couldn't believe that I was actually able to see the original Tron games. AND I GOT TO PLAY IT. Yes, I played Tron. THE Tron. Okay, I'm going to stop 'fangirling' now.

No, I lied. There's more.

That is the smile of a woman in love. WITH TRON.

I think that will suffice for pictures. Because what could possibly be better than Tron?

Oh, and here's the new swag.
 Yes, that is my zerg shirt again. That's not new from the con, obviously. I got the dice bracelet in honor of my new-found love for tabletop gaming. Also, the ring is a PS3 controller.
 So, yeah. MagFest was awesome. Would like to go again next year.


WATTS said...

I just love the old Tron game. When i was a kid i was obsessed with the original Tron movie and i have seen it more times than i dare to admit.

They used to have this is at Fleetwood pier in the UK when i was 10 (1983) and i wasn't that good at it but i still played it though.

Its nice to see someone as young as you showing respect to a game that is truly a masterpiece.

Jeff Bridges was amazing acting in the movie and i think the original movie had a much better immersion and feel.

Thanks for the blog! ;)

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