Friday, January 28, 2011

Expensive Hand Helds are Expensive.

I'm sorry that I'm making another post that sounds like I'm complaining and ranting. I don't want this blog full of so much negativity, however, I can't deny that when I think of things to complain about, I immediately come to this blog! Haha. Well, I also think of a lot of positive things, too! Maybe I'm just too paranoid that I'm going to sound like a total jerk in my blog posts. I swear I'm not really this negative all the time! I'm just a typical gamer, always having to rant about every little thing and whatnot.

Price: $300-$350
ANYWAY, with news of the PSP2 – or should I say NGP (sorry everyone, but I call it the PSP2) – being the big talk of gaming this week, I decided to look into the new hand held. I could write paragraphs upon paragraphs about what I think of the PSP2, but I’m not going to do that. I'll keep the majority of my opinions about the PSP2 to myself – except for one. The price. The estimated price of Sony’s PSP2 is to be around $300-$350. Woaaah, what? Yeah. That is the same price of a new Xbox 360. Now mind you, this hand held is supposed to be like a mini-console itself. But nonetheless, it is still a hand held. I’m sorry Sony, I’m a dedicated gamer, but I’m also a college student. There is no way that the average person would be able to spend that much money on a hand held system. I feel that the only people who will be getting a PSP2 upon its immediate release are hardcore Sony fanboys and rich people. Unfortunately, I am neither of those. So I will not be able to afford a PSP2. Maybe in two years when the price gets lowered. But not now.

Price: $250
And while we are discussing the prices of hand held systems, I must say that I feel like the prices of hand helds are getting higher and higher. The 3DS is $250. That is obviously a bit more affordable than the PSP2, but I still think it’s a little too much for a hand held. I understand that the 3DS is incorporating a lot of new features and breakthrough technology (no more dorky 3D glasses! Woo hoo!), but I can still buy myself a refurbished xbox 360 for the same price. The DSi XL is $150. A new, fancy PSP goes for about $200. And I think that is my limit for spending money on a hand held system. $200. Anything more than that is just… a little too much for me. This is obviously my opinion, but I don’t doubt that there are many, many others who would agree with me. In 2011, the prices of hand held systems have gone past my limit, unfortunately. I am sad to say that I will not be getting a 3DS or a PSP2 upon their immediate releases, as much as I would love to play both of them.

And that is my sad tale. I guess I’ll be stuck with my DSi for the next few years.


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