Friday, December 30, 2011

My Gaming Goodies Got Featured On The Frag Dolls' Blog!

Hey there! Go check out the Frag Dolls blog! They posted images that fans submitted of their "gaming Christmas loot", and my picture is up (via my twitter handle @Queenof_Blades). You can see all of the gaming stuff I received for Christmas this year.

To my readers: I hope you all had a great holiday (and, as the Frag Dolls said, a very gamer Christmas). I wish you all a Happy New Year

This blog has now been running for over a year, and I have received a great deal of support from friends and family. I plan to continue blogging about my quirky happenings in geek culture for many years to come. Thanks for reading!

Love always,

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Game Backlog

I was inspired to create this list by several other gamers who seem to be suffering the same problem as I am. It is that time of year when gamers are overwhelmed with too many game releases. Now that all of the major titles of 2011 have been released, I realize that I am extremely backed up on my "games to play" list. How exactly do developers expect us consumers to play these games, all of which are released from September – December, while maintaining some sort of life outside of games?

But, I digress. While the situation is unfortunate for us gamers, it still exists and we must deal with it. The topic at hand is what games I have on my "backlog", meaning which games I plan on playing, but haven’t gotten to yet.

Currently, I have been consumed by Star Wars: The Old Republic (MMOs seem to consume a lot of a gamer’s time), Skyward Sword, and Skyrim. These three games happen to be very strenuous on my time, however, I know there will come a point where I need a break from these games – and that is where the “catching up” will take place.

Oh, and not only do I need to catch up on the recent game releases, but there are also several older games that I need to finish. They will also be featured on this list.

Enough talk. Here are the games. My “game backlog” consists of the following:

Batman: Arkham City – I am ashamed to say that I have not played this game yet.  The game released in November, I got excited, but was too busy with other things to afford/have the opportunity to play. To be honest, I am waiting for some sort of crazy deal on Steam before I purchase this game. That may not happen for some time – but you never know.

Rage – In my opinion, this game is a "renter". Meaning, I'm not planning on spending $60 for it. So far, you may be reading this blog and saying, "wow, she is cheap" – but I promise you, I'm not that bad. I'm just a poor college student trying to conserve money, okay?

Dark Souls – This is a game that I have played, but never finished. Quite honestly, I don’t think I will ever finish this game. However, I would like to advance in the game to the point where I feel like I really accomplished something.

Catherine – This is not a game that came out recently. Nonetheless, it’s a game I’ve really wanted to play  but haven’t had the chance to.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Another game I started, but never finished. From what I heard, it was a quality game. Therefore, I'd like to finish it at some point.

Mass Effect 2 – This is slightly embarrassing to admit, being that I always talk about how much I love Mass Effect, and also the fact that ME3 is coming out soon. My goal is to finish this game before the release of ME3.

Penumbra Series– This series is an oldie, but they are still games that I have wanted to play but still have not had the chance to. I absolutely loved Amnesia, so I really wanted to try this game

Halo: Combat Evolved – From what I have heard, this remake of the original Halo is great. I have yet to get my hands on it, but it is certainly a game I have been wanting to play.

There you have it – my somewhat lengthy list of games to beat. There may be other games that I forgot to add, but this is the bulk of it.

What are some games that are on your gamer backlog? Do we share any similar games on this list that we have both been slacking on? If you haven't compiled a backlog list yet, I highly recommend it. Creating a list will help give you a visual idea of how behind you are. ;)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Beginning My Adventures In Star Wars: The Old Republic

An amazing email to read. I received this on Tuesday, December 13th.
It is interesting to think that just a few months ago I was literally flipping out due to the fact that the future of Star Wars: The Old Republic seemed unclear. Just this past summer, early beta testing had been undergoing problems -- all of the September weekend testing had been closed. After delay upon delay of this game, and then an announcement that the game would tentatively be released "sometime during the end of 2011", all hope had seemed lost. As a fan and follower of news for SWTOR, I was convinced that the game would not be released until 2012.

And then, suddenly, BioWare gave us an official release date. December 20th, 2011. My heart had rejoiced at this news. I already had the game preordered from way back in July, which at the time seemed like ages ago. Now all that was left was to sit back and count down the days until release.

Last month, I had the unique pleasure among many others to test out The Old Republic for two weekends in a row. I enjoyed playing through the many different character selections, but in all honesty it did not help my indecisiveness of which class to play as (for my main character, of course. Main characters are the pride and joy of every MMO player). I knew that I wanted to be a healer. But I didn't know which class I wanted to play heals as, or which faction for that matter. Empire, or Republic? I pondered this question for hours -- the decision literally made me lose sleep.

The following are the top three classes that appealed to me most, all of which I played during the beta testing:

1. Jedi Sage - This is one of the Consular's specs, which consists of ranged DPS/heals. What I love most about the Consular is the fact that they explore the powers of the force and what it truly means to be a Jedi. Being that I am a complete dork, I find this incredibly fascinating. In the beginning, the story line is not all too exciting, but you can gain some interesting insight about the Jedi ways. This class is obviously not for everyone, however, it certainly has its perks. For example, the gear consists of pretty robes and cool hats.

2. Commando - I decided to try out the Trooper class, and I really enjoyed it. Many people didn't like the fact that one of the Commando's talent trees is healing, but me being the one who actually ENJOYS healing, I thought it was rather exciting. That being said, I didn't get to play the Trooper as much as I wanted to, but nonetheless, it was a fun class to play around with.

3. Sith Sorcerer - In my opinion, the Sith Inquisitor is the most corrupt and evil class in the game. I know that the Sith are supposed to be power-hungry jerks, but the Inquisitors are just...incredibly evil no matter what. They go deep into the dark side of the force. A lot of things about the Inquisitor appealed to me -- I loved using lighting and other dark force abilities, however, I did not enjoy the storyline too much. It turns out that I picked all of the "good guy" actions by sparing innocents rather than torturing them, that is when I realized what's the point of being a good guy Sith? Might as well just be Jedi.

Finally, I settled on one class. I decided that my first character would be the Jedi Sage, and I know that I have made the right choice.

On Tuesday, BioWare began sending out early access invites for those who preordered the game. I got my invite around 1 p.m. that day, and that began my adventure in SWTOR. I haven't been "dedicated" to an MMO since the release of RIFT (when was that? February? March?). I know that I am going to thoroughly enjoy playing SWTOR. The music, the voice acting, the storyline...everything about the game has amazed me thus far (check out SWTOR's Facebook page where they upload songs from the soundtrack daily!).

Creating my Zabrak Consular Sage. I love her!
(I become very attached to my characters...don't judge.)
Wookiee is....way taller than me.

Check back to my blog soon for more of my adventures in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Razer Creates New Star Wars: The Old Republic Products

Dear Razer,

I am going to put this in the most simple way possible:

I love you.

I freaking love you.

You constantly create gaming products for everything that I love. TRON, Starcraft 2, Transformers... why not add to that list by creating The Old Republic products?

Well, that is exactly what you did. And these products look incredible.

Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Gaming Mouse
Firstly, your mouse is designed perfectly for MMO gameplay -- it resembles the Razer Naga, which from what I hear is an exceptional gaming mouse. The 12 button grid on the side will allow me to program all of my skills and cast them with ease.

Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Gaming Headset

Your headset is absolutely stunning. The hexagon design is also very attractive. I can only picture in my head the sound of my character unsheathing her Lightsaber with this headset on. The Dolby 7.1 surround sound will make the ambiance and music of Star Wars sound even more majestic than it truly is.

Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Gaming Keyboard
Finally, I must make my last remarks on your keyboard, which I instantly fell in love with. The LCD track panel which I can customize with my abilities will have me playing The Old Republic in a new way that is unlike any other MMO experience I have had in the past. I am blown away by this design, Razer.

I cannot wait for these products to go on sale. And to top it all off, with any SWTOR product I purchase, I am able to unlock a new Lightsaber crystal for my in-game experience?! That is a great added bonus to these products.
Thank you, Razer. Thank you for designing such wonderful, high quality products of everything I love. This is quite honestly the best news I have been presented with all week.

Love your loyal fan,

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Battlefield 3: Reframing My Initial Thoughts

In my last post, I discussed my first reactions to Battlefield 3. The majority of my feelings about the game itself still remain the same. BF3 is undoubtedly incredible (to break it down more thoroughly: the co-op is a little lame and the campaign is nothing too special...but I could get lost in the online multiplayer for hours on end). Despite the greatness of the game, there is one thing that I must address.
As a quick reminder, I have BF3 for the PC (and I'm not going to go into a rant again about how FPS games are 100% better on the let that just be assumed as I continue with this blog post).

The Battlelog system that Origin uses for BF3 which I discussed in my last post sucks.


There. I said it.

I understand that nowadays, when a game is released, there are bound to be technical difficulties within the first few days (and at most the first week). But when did BF3 come out again? October 25th? It has been over 2 weeks and the game is still constantly crashing, getting errors, and experiencing technical difficulties beyond belief.
That is not cool, EA. Is this a beta? No. This is the finished game. Apparently it it is not finished because it is impossible to have a gaming experience without receiving massive technical errors.

Been seeing this 'error' way too much.
Here are just a few of the issues I have seen so far, and I have not even been playing this game every day:
Game crashing, unable to receive invites to games, unable to receive invites to chat parties, player chat windows not showing up, extreme server lag, frequent 'page load error' messages on Battlelog, randomly getting disconnected from games, unable to join games for unknown reasons, etc.
And you know what the worst part about this is? These issues have severely gotten worse each time the Origin client or Battlelog updates. Um....what the heck? 

I remember when Call of Duty: Black Ops was first released last year. On the PC, they were experiencing a great deal of server lag issues for quite a while. That was certainly an inconvenience, but at least the game was playable. It feels like BF3 on the PC is unplayable at this point because there are so many issues.

The most frustrating part of the Battlelog system is that it runs through an internet browser -- not through the Origin client. My first impressions of this? Well, I thought it was rather unique and cool. It's a pretty neat idea in theory, however, it's just not working for EA.

I'm sorry EA, but your Origin client is really terrible. It's a terrible competition for Steam, who blows Origin out of the water.
I don't know if the consoles are experiencing the same issues as us PC players, but all I can say is getting this game at midnight wasn't worth it because it has been 2 weeks and I haven't been able to truly enjoy this game yet.

For my closing thoughts, I beg of you EA -- FIX YOUR STUFF. The Battlelog forums are flooded with people complaining about so many different issues. I am incredibly disappointed with your service right now, and I truly hope that I will be able to have a normal gaming experience with BF3 in the near future (or else I will switch over to MW3. HA. Just kidding).

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why Does Love Always Feel Like A...

Every time Battlefield 3 crosses my mind, that Jordin Sparks song always pops in my head.
Hah. Well, anyway, in this post I'll be telling you all my Battlefield 3 story.

You know, this is just a quick thought before I begin. When Gears of War 3 was first released, I never made a post about it. How sad is that? It was one of my most anticipated games.

Oh well.
I'll be honest. I didn't have anything interesting to say about it.
I spent countless hours with trying to complete all 50 waves of horde (which I did finally end up finishing).
I played through the campaign twice. Once on Normal difficulty, and the second time on Insane.
So there. I talked about Gears 3 on my blog. I feel better now.

Now, onto what I really want to talk about.
Battlefield 3!
Being honest here again: I was really unsure about getting Battlefield 3 right away. I mean, I knew I wanted to get the game. But it wasn't a game that I wanted immediately. A few of my girl friends came to me and said, "Oh hey, we are going to the midnight release of Battlefield 3! Come with!". So I caved and joined them.
The problem is -- I never pre-ordered the game.
Usually that is never a problem at Gamestop.
Except I'm getting BF3 on the PC***.

***Ahem. Before I continue with my story, I think I should address this: everyone should be getting Battlefield 3 on PC. I cannot stress this enough. Console versions of the game are so. watered. down. Period. Games like Battlefield 3 are designed for PC (even the guy working at Gamestop even agreed with me when I said that, and we know Gamestop employees are experts on all things gaming).

Now I will continue my story of my BF3 shenanigans with my friends.

Here's a short video of my friends & I waiting for the game. The video is rather uninteresting, but I thought I would share anyway.

Me and my PC copy of BF3. 
It turns out that I recieved the only PC copy that the store had.

At first, I felt really special. (And lucky. Because if they did not have a PC copy I would have left the store empty-handed).

But then I realized that I was the only person out of all those people getting the PC version of Battlefield 3. Wow.

You console gamers can argue all you like about why you think playing FPS games on consoles are "better", but you will never convince me. The FPS was first invented for computers (let's remind ourselves of our roots: DOOM and Quake).

Building/buying a good PC is too expensive? Why not use all of the extra money spent on DLC and the extra $10 spent on every game toward getting a new PC? Don't get me wrong -- I am not a console hater nor a PC elitist. Consoles are good for some things. But when it comes to FPS games? There is no question that the PC is what the genre was intended for (sorry, Halo. Though you were originally a PC game. I still love you).

Oh, am I getting side-tracked again?
Back to Battlefield 3.

The game, of course, is great. I mainly purchased it for the multiplayer -- which is really fun thus far. Minus all of the server issues. Obviously server issues are expected when a game is first released (even the console versions were experiencing server issues).

Here's just an example of the news feed.
(Click the image to enlarge, duh.)
Origin has this "social network" structure going on with Battlefield 3. The Origin client is a lot like Steam, but when playing Battlefield 3, you must log into your "Battlelog". Like facebook, the Battlelog tracks all of you and your friend's recent updates (ranks, new items, etc.). You also have the option to "hooah!" recent activities on your feed, which would be the equivalent of the "like" button on facebook. It's pretty unique, actually. I've never played a game where the social networking is so integrated into the game like this. I think I like it. I don't even know if the Xbox 360 and PS3 users can use the Battlelog, but it's certainly a pretty neat feature for the PC users (you know, when it's not crashing).

Here it should be noted that that 'hooah!' is an Army phrase. Battlefield 3 is a game consisting entirely of Marines, who say 'oorah!'. A big fail on EA's part.

As far as gameplay goes? It is incredible, as expected. Multiplayer is so enjoyable, I cannot even tell you how much fun I have been having (here's an idea: I was not expecting to stay up all night playing the game, but it was so good I ended up playing until 4:30 a.m. when I had classes the next day).

Okay, all this talking about the game is really making me want to play.

One more thing. For all you Call of Duty fanboys/girls...

Yeah. Have fun playing the same game AGAIN for the THIRD time. I am not bothering with the Call of Duty franchise anymore. Such a waste of life.

This concludes my Battlefield 3 story. Hope you all enjoyed it. Keep on gaming, my friends.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Got Hacked! My Story On The Xbox Live FIFA Hackings

About a week ago, I saw a friend of mine post on facebook saying that her Xbox Live account had been compromised and temporarily frozen. Several people had commented saying that she had been seen playing the FIFA soccer game on her account when she does not own that game. She then later found out that this hack has been happening to many other Xbox Live users. All of the hackings seem to have similar signs -- the game FIFA 12 is played on the account (with the same 2 achievements unlocked) as well as a large amount of Microsoft Points purchased (and spent on DLC for FIFA).

Just the other day, the same incident began to happen to me. Here's my story:

Around 8 a.m. on Thursday, my bank called me and left a voicemail (I was still asleep at the time). I disregarded the message for the time being because I didn't think it was all too important.

6000 & 4000 MP? What?! I would never spend that much.
Later that day, I checked my email to see that Microsoft sent me 2 emails confirming that I had purchased 6000 and 4000 Microsoft Points. That is when I began to panic. I realized I had been hacked (but I did not know it was the FIFA hack just yet).

I then frantically tried to figure out what was going on. That was well over $75 worth of Microsoft Points being purchased on my card.

As the day continued, someone had looked at my twitter and asked me, "why were you playing a soccer game on xbox?"
My response? I was obviously completely confused. "....Soccer game? What soccer game?"
Suddenly, it all began to make sense. Soccer game. Xbox Live Account was hacked. I put two and two together as I blurted out --

"The FIFA Hack!"

At first, I was quite shocked. You hear about hackings all the time nowadays (we can thank Lulzsec for that). Yet, you never think the hack would happen to you. I felt so violated.

I changed my Xbox Live password and was able to log back onto my account immediately (it was not frozen like my friend's account). That is when I began to check out the damages that had been done to my account.

Most recent game? FIFA 12.
Oh, and 2 achievements.
The bright side? Well, I got two new achievements on FIFA 12! That's cool, I guess?
The bad part? I lost more than half of my friends list. Also, I had 80 Microsoft Points. They are now gone. I know 80 MP isn't really that big of a deal; I'd probably only be able to buy a shirt for my avatar with it. But it was still mine, you know? I'm not going to start calling Microsoft (and maybe even EA, because FIFA is their game) and demand I get my 80 MP back. I think I'm over it already.

This just shows that even Microsoft is vulnerable to being hacked (SONY's very small revenge, I suppose). Though, from what I read, it doesn't seem like Microsoft is all too concerned about it. It doesn't even seem like they care about their customers enough to reimburse what was lost. But whatever. We can't expect TOO much from Microsoft, anyway.

I also recieved this in an email.
"Thanks for playing FIFA Soccer 12".

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Awesome Starcraft (And Other Gaming) Inspired Makeup

When I find exceptionally cool things on the internet, you can count on me blogging about it. 
A few months ago I saw this girl's Baneling-inspired makeup look. I absolutely loved it. The colors are so vibrant and detailed -- it really does look like a Baneling!

I later found out that she has a blog where she created makeup designs inspired by all of the races in Starcraft! They all look so great. Extremely creative and very well done.

She also did a Morrigan (from Dragon Age) inspired design. I'm really in love with that one, as well.

Check this girl's blog out here!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Is the Sonic Franchise dead?

I have been a huge fan of Sonic the Hedgehog throughout my life. I have literally witnessed the evolution of this franchise, so it’s only natural that I feel very concerned about where it is headed. I was always crazy about Sonic (Favorite character? Espio the Chameleon). I could gloat and reminisce about Sonic forever, but that is not the point of this post. It is quite clear that Sonic has been slowly dying, if he has not already been deemed dead by some fans.

Sonic has been titled by numerous websites and blogs as a “franchise that needs to die” because it has been struggling so much. It’s a sad thing to see, but I can understand why this is being said.

I asked several friends of mine who are also big fans of Sonic, and they can all agree: the franchise has most certainly been struggling, and the attempts of revival are not working. Sometimes you cannot help but feel bad for the blue hedgehog. Classic games such as Mario and Zelda have created quality games for years as well as maintain a strong fanbase, so did Sega drop the ball with Sonic? It’s hard to say.

Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 really did not revolutionize the Sonic Franchise like Super Mario 64 and Zelda: Ocarina of Time did. Sure, they were great games, but they did not carry on Sonic’s legacy. The concept of Sonic the Hedgehog is completely different from Mario and Zelda. Unfortunately, it is hard for these modern Sonic games to keep that concept alive, thus making these games rather lame. A friend of mine put it perfectly, “it’s one thing to evolve the adventure of Mario and Zelda games, but running, loops, and jumps don't really... evolve well.”

Perhaps not all is lost in the Sonic Franchise. Like another friend of mine explains, some of the handheld games have received quite good reception from players. The console games, however, have just plummeted. But I don’t need to tell you that, it’s quite obvious that no one really speaks of new Sonic games with a positive outlook since the early 2000s. There were some modern Sonic ideas that could have been cool, but failed completely (Silver the Hedgehog, Werewolf Sonic, etc.).

Did you know that this year is the 20th anniversary for Sonic the Hedgehog? I’ll be honest, I was completely unaware. With such a big hype about Zelda’s 25th anniversary, Sonic seemed a little overshadowed.

Nintendo is doing a great deal of awesome things to celebrate Zelda’s 25th: concerts, new CD releases, a free game on DSi Ware. And what is Sonic getting? This Kotaku article explains it quite nicely. If you are living in Belgium, you are welcome to purchase some Sonic-themed stamps in honor of Sonic’s 25th! Isn't that exciting?

Sonic is also getting a new game in honor of its 25th. Sonic Generations is the new game coming out next month that is thankfully getting fans excited. It could quite possibly be the “Best Sonic Game since Rush” (which happens to be the last Sonic game I ever purchased at this point in time). I love the idea behind Sonic Generations. They plan to set up the game by “era”: The classic era, Dreamcast era, and modern era. They also take some of the 3D games and give them a 2D version. Mixing all three of these “eras” of sonic may just be what fans need to help restore appreciation for Sonic the Hedgehog.

I hate to see one of my favorite franchises head in the direction it’s going, but perhaps this was the predestined fate for Sonic. It does hurt to see all of these other franchises being so successful and then seeing Sonic struggle so much. I will always enjoy the classics such as Sonic and Knuckles, so not all is lost. Also, I have been actively reading the Sonic comic book series for quite some time now; it’s a great read. I will not mourn the loss of a great franchise just yet – Sonic Generations is a game I am hopeful will revive this franchise for the better.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What I Like To Do In My Free Time

My dorm room was invaded!

I decided to make a Space Invader alien out of purple Post-It Notes today. It was quite awesome.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Stan Lee Hangs Out With the Coolest Celebs Ever

Remember my post a few months ago when I was oogling over Felicia Day and Stan Lee taking pictures together and posting them on Twitter? Well, Stan Lee has continuously proved to me that he is the coolest dude out there. He also chooses to hang out with pretty much all of the celebrities I would choose to hang with if I was famous.

Like I have said time and time again, Twitter is the best site for keeping up with these things. Everything I'm posting about here is was all found via Twitter.

After San Diego Comic-Con, Olivia Munn posted a video she found of her encounter with Stan Lee. I was incredibly jealous. I know I've posted my personal mixed feelings about Munn before, but she has certainly grown on me. First of all, she has become a big fashion inspiration of mine. And her show on NBC, Perfect Couples, that only lasted like...12 episodes was actually quite entertaining. While I would pretty much pronounce her dead in the world of video games and geek culture (wait...this was the same girl on Attack of the Show, right?), I still follow her for other reasons.
And Stan Lee sure seems to like her.

And that's only the first sighting I found of Stan Lee with cool people.

Next, I'm browsing through Stan Lee's pictures, and I see him with some Japanese guy who looks oddly familiar to me. I proceeded to click on the picture to enlarge it. Sure enough, it was Yoshiki from X-Japan! OH MY GOSH! I couldn't believe it. I have been huge into Japanese rock for years, and of course Yoshiki is just a LEGEND for J-rock. My jaw literally dropped to the floor. Here's the picture that Stan Lee posted. Oh, I cropped out some girl next to Yoshiki who was wearing some weird costume...she was way too distracting from the REAL awesome in this picture (but if you must, here's a link to the original picture).

Finally, within the past hour, I decided to check up on my Twitter. Sure enough, I see Stan Lee post a picture  again with a celeb showing off like he usually does. This time, I was completely shocked in an unexpected kind of way. Stan Lee posted a picture with deadmau5! Ahhh! Either Stan Lee has an awesome taste in music, or he is just trying to make some girl in Virginia sitting in her dorm room on her laptop incredibly jealous.

That convinced me. Stan Lee seriously hangs out with THE coolest celebs. Period. He has also posted pictures with some other famous people like Will Farrell, Taylor Lautner, and Jamie Chung, but I just wanted to highlight the people whom I find the most awesome. I swear, if he ends up snapping a picture with Daft Punk next, I don't know what I'll do. It would be too much for me too handle.

Stan Lee, Mr. Generalissimo, you rock. I can't wait 'til the day when I finally get to meet you, and I know that day will come. When I do, I will definitely let you know how jealous I am of all these cool people you get to hang out with.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The SWTOR Excuse

I cannot explain why, but for some reason within these past few months, I have been in this crazy mood to play an MMO. I was honestly considering getting back on World of Warcraft again (which I did end up doing for a few days, but then I realized playing WoW alone is no fun for me). Then I decided to play Dragon Age: Origins to help my craving because Dragon Age (though it is not an MMO) is a great RPG.

As I played DA:O, I constantly reminded myself of how awesome BioWare is. They make such great games, don't they? I mean, the Mass Effect series has become one of my favorite series ever. I could go on and on about how much I love their games. BioWare could really be the ones to fill my MMORPG craving. And that is when my thoughts quickly turned into....The Old Republic. 

"No! I told myself I wouldn't think about SWTOR so much! I might jinx the game to be delayed another year!" These were the thoughts running through my mind.

Eventually, these unwanted thoughts brought me to SWTOR's website, where I saw several new awesome gameplay trailers for the game.

...I swear, BioWare is such a tease. They enjoy torturing us, don't they? It seems like they constantly release trailers, but they'll never actually release the game. BioWare just knows that us fans are addicted, we can't get our mind off of SWTOR.

The race I plan on playing is the Zabrak.
(That purple dual lightsaber is really awesome, too.)
I already have my race, class, and specs picked out for the game. Well, I have not decided if I want to be on the Republic or Empire side yet -- I am pretty awful when it comes to making a decision.
I'll be choosing either a Jedi Consular or a Sith Inquisitor. Yup, I am the heals! 

Oh, and did I mention that I pre-ordered it the day pre-orders went up on their website back in July?

And now, within the past week, a certain article came up on my newsfeed that really ticked me off. The title was "Star Wars: The Old Republic release date depends on the beta feedback".
Look, I understand feedback from the fans is important and all, but at this point we just freaking want the game to be released. Okay, EA? Okay, BioWare? You guys still haven't even given us a definite release date yet! The game will be released in 2011? Uh, well, it's already September. 

(You may want to click the image to enlarge it.)
See? Even Gamefreaks agrees with me.

Oh, hold on guys. I have even better news.
Guess what BioWare just announced today?

Beta Testing for Star Wars: The Old Republic for this weekend is cancelled, and possibly all weekends of September.
"There is no Beta Testing Weekend scheduled for this weekend. There may be further Beta Testing Weekends during September, but we’re not going to guarantee it. The weekend that just finished was really our first dry run of Beta Testing Weekends as a whole, and we have plenty of data to crunch, and decisions to make before we start things up again." (Read G4's article for further info).

No, I am not kidding right now. They really did say that.
Oh, but they still plan to release the game this year! Yeah, okay.
There is no hope left for this game.

The summary of this? I started out somewhat happy and in the mood to feed my MMO crave. Yet, this craving ended in anger and frustration because I realized that the real MMO I want to play and I've wanted for so long, SWTOR, has been dangling a feather over my head and I'm just the stupid, cute little kitten who will simply keep chasing it no matter what (uh, did that analogy even make sense?).

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Getting my Nintendo Fix.

I am going to be honest here -- I absolutely LOVE Nintendo. But who doesn't? Well, there are some people who genuinely dislike Nintendo (which I respectfully disagree with). But I really feel that Nintendo is an overall very likable company; whether you're just a fan of Mario, or Zelda, or Kirby. Whatever it may be, there is always something to like about Nintendo.

I have been playing Nintendo since I was a kid. NES and SNES were my first two consoles; I grew up with them. I proudly own every single Nintendo console and the majority of their handhelds. I can understand why some people do not like Nintendo -- but I automatically know that these people did not grow up with Nintendo consoles (my assumption is that they must have been Sega folk). But that is okay; I understand. It is really just a special thing when you grow up with a certain company like Nintendo. I am sure a lot of people out there would agree with me.

Okay, enough talk about my reminiscing of the past. I recently became a platinum member of Club Nintendo. Isn't that exciting?! I decided it was time to use up all of my rewards points and get some of free things from Nintendo. I'm so glad that buying all of those Nintendo games have finally paid off, because I really do have a lot of Nintendo games on the Wii and DSi. My stuff finally came in the mail yesterday -- it was so awesome.

First off, I ordered some really nice folders and bookmarks with Mario artwork on them. Honestly, I really love these folders. I know they're just folders and not anything incredibly amazing, but I am definitely excited about them because I'm such a dork. They also happen to be really good quality, not just some flimsy paper folders.

Secondly, I got myself 2 new Wiimotes and a Nunchuck! Just kidding. I already had those. However, I did get this really nice tin to hold them in! I honestly think this a really practical thing to have. I love the way it looks, and it's absolutely perfect for my two Wiimotes and Nunchuck.

And those were the two things I got from Club Nintendo. I feel really awesome to be getting things from Nintendo. I'm quite the dork, aren't I?

Also, last week I ordered a new case for my DSi. I never owned anything that could protect my DSi XL, so I decided to look around for a cute and practical case or cover. I found something on Amazon that I thought was way cute. More Nintendo merchandise! Hah.

This is my new case to hold my DSi XL. You'll recognize the character on the case from the Mario games. This case was honestly just too cute, I couldn't help myself.

The case is also extremely practical. It folds open and holds up to 6 DS games, a stylus, and your DS. Everything is there for me so I can bring this case with me wherever I go. It's a really nice design, in my opinion.

You can also fold it around and prop up your DS like so, which is also a really neat feature.

All in all, this purchase was a really great investment. I was desperate for something to hold my DS and my games; this little case was the ideal. Exactly what I was looking for.

And there you have it. I truly have been getting my fix of Nintendo recently. I also am going to start playing through Majora's Mask again before I head back to school. Such a great game!

Friday, July 22, 2011

What Everyone has been Oogling over at Comic-Con thus far

Stole this image from somewhere on the internet.

Pretty nice, right? Star Wars Droid Xbox. Also comes with Kinect, of course.

There is still a full weekend left of Comic-Con. I'm sure there's going to be a lot more awesome stuff to see. I just don't care to research right now, haha.

Oh, and a few more things:

1) Captain America comes out in theaters today!! Everyone go see it! I'm seeing it this evening.

2) Okay. So at 4am on Thursday, Bioware decided to start preorders on THE OLD REPUBLIC. If you preorder, you can also get early access when the game starts. AHHH! I preordered my copy right away (just the Standard Edition). There is also a Deluxe Edition and Collectors Edition (but I think the Collectors Edition already sold out). Oh, did I mention that the preoders are limited? So if you are hardcore about SWTOR like I am, you better preorder ASAP if you have not already!

And that is about all I have to say!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever - Thoughts, Opinions, and my Personal Imput.

If you follow my blog, then you probably know how much I anticipated the release of Duke Nukem Forever this year. In January, I declared that 2011 would be the "Year of Duke" and Duke Nukem Forever would finally be released. Well, my prediction was right. The game announced a release date (which got delayed and then a FINAL release date was announced) and it finally hit stores last Tuesday. After 13 long years of production and constant jokes that the game would never come out, Gearbox made history from one of the longest running gaming jokes ever.

And now the game is out and the reviews are in. The game was harshly criticized by just about everyone -- 95% of reviews of Duke Nukem Forever were negative reviews of the game. Destructoid gave it a 2/10, Gamespot gave it a 3.0, Joysitq gave it 2/5 stars. Need I say more?

I have read so many different reviews on the game. Many writers brought up great points in defense of the game and also in harsh criticism. I'd like to look at several different points that were brought up, as well as bring in my own opinions. I know that I may have my own personal bias, but I will try to keep that at a bare minimum.

There are a lot of reasons why Duke Nukem 3D was such a classic. Duke has literally been a cultural icon in gaming since the late 90's. As a kid, Duke Nukem 3D was one of my first FPS games. At the time, I didn't really understand any of the jokes in the game, but now that I'm older I can appreciate some of them a lot more. Obviously because I'm a straight woman so I don't find any pleasure in Duke's womanizing fascination. But there is nothing more satisfying than shooting up some aliens and listening to Duke's humor alongside it. That is what made me love the game so much.

Duke Nukem is not a game that is meant to have an in-depth plot line with well-developed characters. It is a mindless shooter that is made for pure entertainment and fun. In today's generation of FPS, everyone is looking for something "unique" in a FPS game. The truth of the matter is that there is nothing "unique" about first-person shooters anymore besides graphics. It has all been done already. I saw many reviews on Duke Nukem Forever saying that the game lacked originality. Wait a minute, we are still talking about Duke Nukem Forever, right? This isn't Section 8: Prejudice. This is freaking Duke Nukem. And hold on again...the same Call of Duty games release every year, yet they still get 9.0 ratings. Are you telling me that's original? If game websites are going to rate games based on "originality", they should at least be consistent with it. That's totally not fair to Duke Nukem Forever.

I think those who play Duke Nukem were expecting something new and thrilling -- something like Section 8: Prejudice (I keep using this game because I really can't think of any other games at the moment, haha), for example. But they didn't get that. That's why everyone is giving such harsh criticism of the game.

Here is another thing that was frequently criticized about Duke Nukem Forever: Crappy, long load times. Oh, sorry -- here's your solution: play it on PC, which the original Duke Nukem was released for and was intended to be on. The load times aren't nearly as bad if you have a good PC. But, of course, console gamers will always complain about things that were meant to be for PC.

There were great weapons added to the game -- the shrink ray and freeze gun. Also, the shooting scenes were split up by driving scenes and turret scenes. What more can you ask for in a pure fun FPS? Duke is able to interact with his environment to increase his ego, which also brought about a lot of fun and laughs. Watching Duke make popcorn or drawing random, stupid things on a white board were funny, while others were stupid. Gearbox certainly brought new things to the table for Duke Nukem, and I really enjoyed some of it.

In Joystiq's review of Duke, the author writes: 
"Want to play the true successor to Duke Nukem 3D? It's called Bulletstorm."
 I am going to have to strongly disagree on that one. While Bulletstorm was a great game that incorporated great humor, it is nothing like Duke Nukem. DNF is supposed to be all about my classic Duke, it shouldn't have to conform to these newer shooter games. 

There was one thing about Duke Nukem Forever that really made me unhappy, however. Many of you probably heard about the scene where Duke enters the hive of the alien queen. Women are being kidnapped and taken to the hive, and when Duke enters the hive he see's the women being held in "pods" against their will, screaming and crying, and giving birth to alien babies which ultimately kills them. Now, I know Duke Nukem is all about being inappropriate, which I generally don't mind. But this scene which involved women getting impregnated with alien babies and then giving birth to them? It might have worked in some alien movies or games, but not the way this game portrays it. Not at all. The game turns from funny humor to disturbing and disgusting imagery. And then Duke jokes about the situation, even taking a hit at an extremely sensitive topic: abortion. Sorry, but that is not what Duke Nukem is about. The only thing I could think about while playing that scene was, "what the hell was Gearbox smoking when they decided to put this into Duke Nukem?".
I literally had to stop playing the game at that point I was so disgusted. Then a few days later, I decided to return to playing the campaign. It all just felt wrong.

In my opinion, the womanizing was a little bit too much in this game. But maybe I'm only saying that because I'm a girl and that stuff is more geared toward pervy men. But the aliens, weapons, and interactivity was great.
 The multiplayer is just like a typical online multiplayer with different game modes. Of course that can always be fun. In all honesty, what peeves me more than anything else is these "acclaimed" websites who review games. They are extremely biased, and it is quite unfair. I feel that many of these sites were too harsh on their criticism of Duke Nukem Forever. I did find one great article that defends Duke Nukem Forever on Kotaku, and I would highly suggest you all read it.

I realize that I'm just one voice in thousands of other voices. But to those who are reading this: I'd love to hear your thoughts on the game. You do not need to leave a comment or anything, because none of you do anyway :P I just hope you all give Duke a second chance. He's still a classic icon, not some outdated, cheesy, overrated figure. I do not think I'll replay through Duke Nukem Forever's campaign a second time, but I have found a lot of fun in the multiplayer, so I'll still put my $50 to good use (yeah, us PC players still get that $10 bonus sometimes).
Overall, I was not completely disappointed by Duke Nukem Forever and I don't think it deserved as much harsh criticism that it received.Yes, I had expected more from a game that was announced over 13 years ago, but there will always be a place in my heart for Duke Nukem. And that is all there is to it.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Felicia Day & Stan Lee! ...And other people I stalk.

If you know me well, then you probably know how much of a stalker I am. My friends find it creepy, however, I find it quite useful. I feel like at times I can be a celebrity stalker. Except I don't stalk Hollywood or music celebs; more like, famous people in the gaming, comic, technology industries. I guess they can be considered celebs, right?  I'm pretty sure I could be some sort of paparazzi or part of a gossip magazine. I'm good with that kind of stuff when I want to be. Perhaps I should start a website with all the latest news in the personal lives of famous gaming people and such. Would people actually read that?

Also, I've recently become a true "twitter-holic". (So that means you all should follow me on twitter -- @Miss_Magitek) I use twitter more than any other social networking out there. Twitter is also very useful for stalking people's lives. Hah. I probably sound like a HUGE creeper in this post. I guess my true colors are finally showing.

Felicia Day is a huge inspiration of mine. She's an absolutely lovely person. I've seen her come so far. From her Buffy days, to getting HUGE with the Guild, and now going so far with her career. I've been a fan of hers for years, and it makes me so happy to see how far she's come.
SyFy's show Eureka is going to be starring Felicia Day, Stan Lee and Wil Wheaten in it's fourth season. Three incredible people.
Stan Lee's most recent picture sports a picture of him & Felicia Day. That made me so happy to see.

 Stan Lee tweeted....

To which Felicia responded...

And here's the picture!
Aren't they just the cutest?!

Aha, so yeah. And in more Felicia Day news... she is going to be at New York Comic Con!
That is really GREAT news. I'm going to be at school in Virginia during the time of NYCC, but I'm going to make an effort to get myself up to New York that weekend. And now that Felicia Day is going to be there, that gives me more of an incentive to try my hardest to be there. There is probably a 90% chance that I'll be at NYCC. So I get to meet one of the most amazing women ever! Ahh! How exciting is that?! ♥

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Recent Updates - Portal 2, L.A. Noire, and more.

Wow, it's been weeks since I made a post! This month has been a little hectic for me. I finished up my semester in school, moved out, and moved back at home. So unfortunately, I haven't had a lot of time to make a quality post on my blog. But now being that it's summer for me, I will have a lot more time to do so.

Anyway, as far as my gaming goes... I managed to find time to play through and beat the Portal 2 campaign and the co-op campaign. I wanted to make a blog post about Portal 2, but I really just didn't have time for it. And now I feel like it's old news, hahaha.

Why is it old news? Because L.A. Noire is the new news. Yes, I went to the midnight release of L.A. Noire last week with my boyfriend, and we immediately started playing it. If you haven't heard the crazy hype about this game already, then you must be living under a rock. The game definitely deserves the hype that it's been getting. Everyone has not stopped talking about it because it is a game unlike any of the other games that have been coming out lately.
Once I get a little bit further ahead in the game, I will post more of my reactions to it. Spoilers and all.

So, my readers, here is a recap of what you all should be aware of. June is only a few days away, and it is a very important month.
  • Pick up L.A. Noire, you won't regret it.
  • MLG Columbus is in 2 weeks. The Starcraft 2 pools looks sick.
    MLG Columbus Pools from TLO's website.


  • Duke Nukem Forever is slowly creeping up on us. June 14th. Yes, for real this time. The game is actually finished.
  • E3 is in 12 days. HECK yeah Nintendo is showing off their next console!
  • New WoW patch means it's time to go back to playing WoW for a little bit!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gears of War 3

While all of you PSN users were dealing with your massive offline issues, this is what I have been doing.


THIS BETA. Oh man, I can't even describe it. Just sheer. Awesome. Fun. Gears has always had such great multiplayer in my opinion.
The beta incorporates a lot of interactivity, where doing certain things earn you unlockable characters, skins, etc. Not every beta has that. But Gears 3 makes it awesome.

The game does have a lot of the same weapons, gameplay, and...color scheme (grey, brown, black and occasional red are the only colors in the game...hah). HOWEVER, there is also some new stuff! There is a lot of really cool customization in the beta, which is never been around before in the Gears games. Also,  the retro lancer is a pretty awesome weapon. I haven't really utilized it multiplayer too much, but I bet it's going to be awesome in single player.
But in regard to which weapons are the best, obviously it all comes down to personal taste. I could sit here saying how much I love certain weapons in the game, but then someone might disagree with me. I hear some say that the retro lancer is "OP", and others beg to differ. What I suggest, if you're not smart and haven't figured this out for yourself, is to try out all of the weapons and get a really good feel of them all. That's what the beta is for. Derpaderp.
ANYWAY, what is the purpose of this post? Gears of War 3 is awesome. I THINK I'M GOING TO GO PLAY IT RIGHT NOW. ;D

(BTW: this is not my actual gameplay. But I figured I'd post a short bit of gameplay to show the Retro Lancer.)

Tracie AKA Gears fan 4 lyfe xOxO

Monday, April 4, 2011

MLG Dallas 2011 - Starcraft 2 Recap

MLG Dallas was this past weekend, and I wish I could have been there! I only really watched the majority of the Starcraft tournament. Some of my favorite TSL players were playing this weekend, and they were all awesome to watch. Just so you all know, I am a huge fan of HuK. Just sayin'. I gotta support my favorite 'toss player. Anyway, here's a little recap of some of the SC2 highlight's from this weekend.

(Picture taken from TSL's twitter)
HuK vs. Ret @ MLG Dallas
First of all, I know the first two days of the Starcraft 2 coverage had a lot of technical difficulties, which kind of sucked. Despite all of the problems the first two days had, Sunday's games were amazing and totally made up for all of the issues. I'm not a huge fan of how MLG uses an extended series for SC2, like what they use for FPS games. The whole double elimination thing is kind of silly, but I guess it worked out well for the final match up in this SC2 tournament.

The final round was between the Canadian KiWiKaKi and the Swedish NaNiwa, who both went undefeated for quite some time. And if I'm not mistaken, NaNiwa's final map record was 26:2, which is amazing! They both played really well, but congrats to Naniwa for being victorious in the end! They were a great series of games to watch. They were both Protoss players, which is just an added bonus, of course. ;) I personally love watching Protoss players the most, being a toss player myself.

Favorite game of the whole weekend? IdrA's serious ragequit against HuK. So priceless. IdrA is always full of rage, and he always somehow creates the dramaz. Skip ahead to 9:30 in this video to see the ragequit, although the build up to it is absolutely great.

Click the picture to enlarge the convo. Hahaha IdrA is such a baby.

So, all in all, MLG had some awesome SC2 match ups. TLO vs. Socke, Kiwi vs. SelecT. Gotta love 'em. GG erryone. ;)