Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Olivia Munn, VGA rants, etc.

I look a lot into females in the gaming industry. Why? Because I plan on being one in the future, of course.
If I could just take over Morgan Webb's place a few years from now, that would be great!
Hey, she's not going to be that hot forever. She's been around for a while, anyway.

Now, Olivia Munn. I'm very indifferent about her. She was okay on Attack of the Show. Some things that she does I feel are a bit much. But other than that, I like her for the most part. So many guys find her to be the sexiest thing that ever hit the gaming industry. I read her book Suck it, Wonder Woman! quite some time ago, and she really cracked me up. Some of her stories in that book were hilarious. After reading her book, I began to like her a little bit more. I know she pretty much ditched Attack of the Show for the Daily Show, which is not cool. But you know what? After reading her book, I kind of expected that of her. She talked a lot about wanting to further her career. And guess what? That's what she's doing. But it all started with Attack of the Show.

Recently, Munn appeared on Spike's Video Game Awards 2010. For the record, I think the VGAs suck. This year it was extremely unprofessional, unorganized, and pretty darn lame. Actually, that's usually how it is every year. But as a gamer, I feel the need to watch it anyway. I was pretty shocked to see her there, because many of us thought she fell off of the face of the earth in the gaming industry now that she's having a grand time with NBC. She was as obnoxious as ever, of course. And she mentions getting "three red rings and watching all of the cutscenes to Metal Gear Solid 4" in one sentence. There is some sort of discrepancy that she was implying that MGS4 was on the 360, but I think she was saying them as two separate things. Either way, I was annoyed that she was there, going off like she is still some sort of amazing gamer. Yeahh riiiight.

But you know what? Felicia Day was nominated for a category in the VGAs. Yay! Best Performance by a Human Female. Felicia Day, first of all, is probably my all time favorite female in the gaming industry. She is also a huge inspiration of mine. For one, I know for a fact that she is a legitimate gamer because she CREATED The Guild. Chicas like Olivia Munn, on the other hand, make you wonder if they actually play these games because of the stupid things they say. Unfortunately, Felicia Day didn't win. HOWEVER, the girl who did the voice of Kerrigan won! I was a little disappointed because I love Felicia, but...Kerrigan! Okay, okay... I know Kerrigan had a total of three lines as a human in Starcraft 2, but it was an EXTREMELY impacting scene. I don't care what anyone says, I'm glad Kerrigan got some love. Am I showing some sort of bias here? :)

Olivia Munn is at the beginning talking about her oh-so-amazing new show that she's starring in. But, more importantly, Felicia Day shows up at 4:21, so you can all just go ahead and skip to her. She's adorable.


Under_Score said...

I came across this blog searching for Olivia Munn's exact quote on the VGAs. (Long story as to why)
Great blog though! It was enjoyable to read, keep it up.
I think Kerrigan's original voice actress was better than Tricia Helfer, but she did do a good job. Felicia Day should have won, in my opinion, but it's the VGAs. All the good games get snuffed or completely ignored. NPH won best male voice actor? So they didn't play Castlevania or RDR.
Oh well, rambling. Great blog :)

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