Thursday, December 30, 2010

New shirt!!

If there was any sort of discrepancy about whether or not I was the Queen of Blades, I think this shirt should fix that.
This shirt JUST came in literally like an hour ago. It's just a little something I ordered for myself. ;) I just had to have it. I bought it from Jinx! They have some awesome clothes. Definitely gonna buy from them again.

And while we're discussing new swag...

I got new posters courtesy of my dad's car dealership. The Black Ops jeep is soo cool. Ugh. Who wouldn't want one?

So that's all of my new stuff as of recent days. Oh, I got Just Dance 2, and I've been playing that game like crazy.

For the Swarm!


Max Sumii said...

Cool shirt!!

Tracie said...

Thank you!

CarmineDeMattia said...

^_^ Amazing Girl ! 4TheSwarm!! But I'm Terran XD A Kiss From Italy!

Tracie said...

Grazie Mille! <3

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