Wednesday, December 22, 2010

If you plan on going to Comic-Con 2011, you will relate to this post.

Getting a ticket for Comic-Con this year has been so freaking confusing.

For MONTHS the registration for San Diego Comic-Con 2011 has been closed, leaving many people including myself very restless and impatient, wondering when we'll be able to actually purchase our badges for the event. For the past few months, I would check back on their website every day, but the registration to get a badge would still be closed. After a while, I just gave up with constantly checking back on the Comic-Con website. Well, guess what? Apparently I missed a "test" that Comic-Con was conducting on December 15th.

This is what I saw on my screen.

WHY are they being so difficult this year? The whole page had this complex explanation on how they were selling 1000 badges and how you could get them. Well, apparently I missed it... thanks for that, Comic-Con.
Now I don't even know if they are still selling more badges or anything. There aren't any links on the site to buy more badges. I've been looking all over, I can't find any information.

There are A LOT of people who are just as pissed as me. I'm currently looking at the Comic-Con facebook page, and people are raging. We have the right to. Comic-Con has been failing all over the place.

So in conclusion, I'm hoping that I can actually get to Comic-Con 2011. If they'll actually sell me a freaking ticket, I'll be there.


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