Sunday, October 24, 2010

Roanoke Valley Comic Con!

Yesterday I went to Roanoke Valley Comic Con with my school's comic book club. Allow me to tell you a little bit about my experience.

The "convention" was not exactly what I was expecting. At all. It was not exactly similar to previous Comic Cons I have been to. Firstly, I was not expecting to shell out over $30 in comic books. I knew that I should not have spent that much money on comics at that time, but I did it. Secondly, I was expecting... a little bit more than just a room full of local comic book vendors. Because that is ALL it was. It was simply a bunch of comic stores bringing their entire collection into a tiny room, and people buying. In all truthfulness, I really had nothing better to do than just spend money.

But, overall, I enjoyed my time there. It has been a while since I  have been in that type of environment. I totally miss it!
So let us look at what I got! ;)  I apologize for the glare and poor quality. Taking pictures on my webcam sucks. :|

DEADPOOL, MY LOVE. A collection of some classic Deadpool. I just HAD to have something Deadpool. He is, after all, my favorite EVER!

Dazzler and Spider-Man & Kitty Pryde and Wolverine!
Haha, so I'm biiig on the mash-ups/crossovers of characters. I love collecting them! I am also big on female superheroes, there are so many that I love! Dazzler and Kitty Pryde are two of my favorites.

Batman and Spider-Man?! Whaaat? Yeah, it looked interesting to me so I bought it haha. Also, the famous issue where Peter Parker marries Mary Jane! Ahhh I love it!

Origin of Captain America, this is a reprint :( But I still really wanted this issue.

THIS is probably my favorite thing that I bought. I LOVED GWEN FREAKING STACY. I managed to get this price lowered by a lot! I was sooo excited when I saw it! Ahh!

Well that was my trippp! I know, I'm a geek. Geek geek geeeeeeek. I loveee it!

Also, I am really hoping on attending San Diego Comic-Con this year. Yes, it may be happening. FINALLY, I WILL GET TO BE AT THE COMIC-CON.


Max Sumii said...

God damn you almost got every comic that i got. very cool

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