Monday, October 18, 2010

I bring you... the handheld.

This is my Nintendo DSi XL. Not a very good picture.
I've been neglecting it lately, quite a lot.
I know many people who have this problem.

It seems to me that handheld games have become this stereotype of being only for "casual gamers". The only people I see playing a DS nowadays are little kids or nintendo fanboys. And PSPs? I almost never see them being played anymore.
With the 3DS coming out next year, I am sure it will be the same thing. Another handheld to collect dust. Yes, you'll play the new Kid Icarus, but after that hype, what are you going to do with your 3DS?

I have come up with a "solution" to the lack of attention your handhelds receive. Personally, being in college, I travel home a lot. Therefore, instead of whipping out my laptop on long train rides to play some Starcraft, I now play some Dr. Mario on my DSi. And you know what? It is awesome. I also am constantly taking buses to campus, so I like to bring my DSi with me on the bus. Yeah, sometime I get some weird looks from others. But you know what? I do not care! I am proud to play my DS! If you are ashamed to play your handheld in public, as a gamer, I pity you.
If you have played all of your DS games, and have nothing new to play, the DSi has a marketplace where you can buy something for a few dollars (that's how I got Dr. Mario!). Tetris, Zenonia, go buy anything! Get a game that has good replay value such as Pokemon, so you will always have something to entertain you when you're out.

So, in conclusion, do not neglect your handhelds. Just because there aren't many good FPS games for the DS or PSP doesn't mean they are only for casual gamers. There are OTHER THINGS to play besides Call of Duty, believe it or not.


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