Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Am Now A Member of GameFly

There are quite a few games out and/or soon to be released that I am looking forward to playing. I can think of four off the top of my head: Medal of Honor, New Vegas, Fable III, and Black Ops (in November).
So, $60 x 4. You do the math. Ahh, that is a lot of money! Even if I got the games used, that is still a lot of money. I decided to try out GameFly (I have it free for ten days, and then it's $22.95 a month). I am able to rent out two games at a time, which is really awesome. I am hoping this will be worth my money; it SEEMS to be a good investment for someone like myself who plays a lot of video games.

That's the e-mail I got! Awww yeahhh.

Yesterday at Gamestop they were heavily advertising their new Rewards cards. I heard that they were not worth buying, but I feel like as a gamer, I was obliged to get it. So I picked myself up one of these fancy things.
NOW I am hardcore.

So I just got myself a GameFly subscription and this Gamestop card. Were they wise investments? Probably not. But whatever. I have this card for life now, which is cool. Although, the rewards you get with it take thousanddssss of points. It is ridiculous. That is why this card sucks. But I will probably be doing a lot of trade-ins soon. Actually, I might do that Tuesday when I pick up Fable III. (Bye, ODST! ahaha  yeah that game is GONE!)

I was a little hesitant about getting Fable III. I was really excited about it at first, so I pre-ordered it. But now I'm not looking as forward to it as I did in the past. I wanted to cancel my pre-order and maybe just pick up New Vegas instead, but I have decided against that, too! I can NEVER make up my mind. My final decision, though, is to purchase Fable III with a few trade-ins. And now I can rent New Vegas with Gamefly, so at least I will be able to play it. I feel like to me, Fable III will have more replay value than Fallout will. But that's just my opinion and personal preference.

Gaming is making me poor. As a college student, I have to manage my money. So I am not going out to eat anymore. And new clothes? Naah, bro. I'm going to have to stick with last year's fall/winter clothes and shoes. Oh, the sacrifices a girl must make for gaming. 

Roanoke Valley Comic Con!

Yesterday I went to Roanoke Valley Comic Con with my school's comic book club. Allow me to tell you a little bit about my experience.

The "convention" was not exactly what I was expecting. At all. It was not exactly similar to previous Comic Cons I have been to. Firstly, I was not expecting to shell out over $30 in comic books. I knew that I should not have spent that much money on comics at that time, but I did it. Secondly, I was expecting... a little bit more than just a room full of local comic book vendors. Because that is ALL it was. It was simply a bunch of comic stores bringing their entire collection into a tiny room, and people buying. In all truthfulness, I really had nothing better to do than just spend money.

But, overall, I enjoyed my time there. It has been a while since I  have been in that type of environment. I totally miss it!
So let us look at what I got! ;)  I apologize for the glare and poor quality. Taking pictures on my webcam sucks. :|

DEADPOOL, MY LOVE. A collection of some classic Deadpool. I just HAD to have something Deadpool. He is, after all, my favorite EVER!

Dazzler and Spider-Man & Kitty Pryde and Wolverine!
Haha, so I'm biiig on the mash-ups/crossovers of characters. I love collecting them! I am also big on female superheroes, there are so many that I love! Dazzler and Kitty Pryde are two of my favorites.

Batman and Spider-Man?! Whaaat? Yeah, it looked interesting to me so I bought it haha. Also, the famous issue where Peter Parker marries Mary Jane! Ahhh I love it!

Origin of Captain America, this is a reprint :( But I still really wanted this issue.

THIS is probably my favorite thing that I bought. I LOVED GWEN FREAKING STACY. I managed to get this price lowered by a lot! I was sooo excited when I saw it! Ahh!

Well that was my trippp! I know, I'm a geek. Geek geek geeeeeeek. I loveee it!

Also, I am really hoping on attending San Diego Comic-Con this year. Yes, it may be happening. FINALLY, I WILL GET TO BE AT THE COMIC-CON.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I bring you... the handheld.

This is my Nintendo DSi XL. Not a very good picture.
I've been neglecting it lately, quite a lot.
I know many people who have this problem.

It seems to me that handheld games have become this stereotype of being only for "casual gamers". The only people I see playing a DS nowadays are little kids or nintendo fanboys. And PSPs? I almost never see them being played anymore.
With the 3DS coming out next year, I am sure it will be the same thing. Another handheld to collect dust. Yes, you'll play the new Kid Icarus, but after that hype, what are you going to do with your 3DS?

I have come up with a "solution" to the lack of attention your handhelds receive. Personally, being in college, I travel home a lot. Therefore, instead of whipping out my laptop on long train rides to play some Starcraft, I now play some Dr. Mario on my DSi. And you know what? It is awesome. I also am constantly taking buses to campus, so I like to bring my DSi with me on the bus. Yeah, sometime I get some weird looks from others. But you know what? I do not care! I am proud to play my DS! If you are ashamed to play your handheld in public, as a gamer, I pity you.
If you have played all of your DS games, and have nothing new to play, the DSi has a marketplace where you can buy something for a few dollars (that's how I got Dr. Mario!). Tetris, Zenonia, go buy anything! Get a game that has good replay value such as Pokemon, so you will always have something to entertain you when you're out.

So, in conclusion, do not neglect your handhelds. Just because there aren't many good FPS games for the DS or PSP doesn't mean they are only for casual gamers. There are OTHER THINGS to play besides Call of Duty, believe it or not.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NEW first post? Yes.

I started this blog a while back, and it was originally going to be a blog about my day-to-day life rants. However, I've decided to dedicate this blog as my personal geek gaming blog.

What are you going to expect from this blog?
Basically, this is my personal blog on all things geek. Gaming, for the most part. Ever wanted a female gamer's input on the world of gaming? Well, that's what you'll see here! I don't like to be boring, so expect some quirky remarks and interesting comments regarding the world of gaming.

Gaming is my passion. A lot of people I know do not really understand that. But there are also many who DO. I hope you all will read this blog and find it interesting. My future in the world of gaming will only be expanding from here, I'm sure of it. I have a lot of goals for my future, and I'll definitely be blogging about them!

I've been inspired by so many to start this blog, so I hope that it will help me sort out my future, especially in the gaming world.

So, a little bit about me? 

My name is Tracie.

I am a student. College student. I grew up in New York, but now I am currently attending school in Virginia. I am majoring in communication studies with a concentration in journalism. Obviously my main hobby is gaming. But beside that, I also cosplay, read literature, play airsoft on occasion, read comics and graphic novels, go to church at least twice a week, research other cultures, look into fashion, and study politics. My overall goal for my future is either to be a political journalist or gaming journalist; they are the only two things I can get really fired up about, truthfully. So now that I have spilled half of my life story for you readers, I hope you all enjoy my blog. My goal is to never bore you. Let us hope I succeed.